Saturday, 28 April 2012

11 Months old!!

That's right!!  11 Months!!!!

Sigh, again, where did the time go???  I have an almost Toddler....when do they even become a toddler??  I have no idea!!  But monkey continues to blow me away with his Awesomeness!!!

Whats new this month!!

#  Lachy is eating quite a lot of what we're eating now, which is making life a whole lot easier!!  He still doesnt like big lumps, but he munches back like a champ!
#  He's down to 2 bottles of formula a day, with water throughout the day and 1little cup of cows milk at lunch, which he's still not hugely keen on :(
#  We have graduated to a weetbix with apple and warm water for breakfast!!  Lachy Loves weetbix!!

#  Still high speed crawling and crab walking every where!  (and furniture walking like a little mad man!)  
#  Monkey will walk with us, and has taken the odd step here and there, but just isn't that interested in walking unless he's trying to get something off the table!
#  Climbing is still a favorite thing for Lachy, into his toy box, over anyone sitting on the floor, off the couch....

#  Still sleeping like a trooper!! night anyway!
#  Is getting pretty clever at 'helping' mum put toys away!!  He even put the potato's into the potato bin today!!  (They're a bit slimy now, but that's ok, gives them...character....)
#  Monkey will beg for food.  If daddy has dinner after he's finished, he'l race over to where daddy's eating and try to sit in his dinner plate to sample what's on it!!

Whats getting old...

#  Back to that old tooth waiting game.....i hate this game.
#  Lachy has started whining.  It's not a nice sound, and its usually followed by a fake cry.  How to deal with this without giving in to him???

Monkey's just such a happy wee chappy (99% of the time) he makes life Awesome!!  Seeing his smiley face and tongue poking out as he barrels towards me is just Amazing!! 
 I have the best kid Ever!!

You'll have to excuse the lack of photo dumps this post, i haven't taken anywhere near as many as i should've!!  I'l dust off the old camera and start taking more i promise!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. What a gorgeous little man you have! I love how your photos show how much fun he's having. When my little boy, who is 16 months, starts whining and getting upset I give him a box full of random things he can explore (not always toys). Keeps him occupied while I finish what I'm doing. Loving your blog! x

  2. Aw many neat milestones! It will be so fun for you to look back on these together someday. =]
    And I love those whines, the kind that only seem to happen when you're in their line of sight lol.

    I am so with you...whining is super irritating. But I also feel kind of bad because when my daughter whines I know it's because she can't say many words yet to communicate what she means.

  4. Toddler at 12 months.... as soon as mine turned one I got an email titled "your toddler this month" i almost cried

  5. he is just too cute, love all the pics, especially in onesies. We are pretty much out of onesies, but I have 2 that I still try and put on him now and then. Your babe sounds liike such a good eater!!

  6. My daughter totally fake cries too! I call her out by letting her know that I KNOW she's faking it. Then I ask her to use her words and talk to me. Even when she wasn't talking yet she'd stop fake crying and "talk" to me.

  7. He is sooo cute!! Are you ready for him to turn 1? :)

    My daughter wasn't still wasn't into milk at 14 months so I got her used to it by adding Ovaltine, she loves it.