Friday, 16 March 2012

Memories as a new nurse!!

Tonight i'm linking up with Renee and Anna for Memories As A New Nurse!! 

 I gotta tell ya, when i first saw that Linky my mind just Exploded with memories!!  Since then, i've been debating which stories to pull from my partially fried brain!! I decided that, since thinking in short sentences is best at this time of night, that i'd give wee snippets of memories!!

So here goes....

#  Trying to be all cool and professional whilst feeding a patient their mooli (pureed) dinner....Feeling quite successful as she hadn't been eating a lot...perhaps showing off a wee bit for the builder working outside the window...Patient sneezing and coating my face/shirt with the very large, very orange mouthful of pumpkin id just given her....Builder falling over laughing at me!!

#  Hearing the sweetest sounding giggle, then realising it came from the very large, tattooed man sitting next to me....and i couldn't hear who was making him laugh....(Psych rotation)

#  Learning the true meaning of a 'Code Brown' the hard way (Dementia unit)..... And finding all the different places a person can hide their business....

#  Seeing my patient stroll into the 'lounge' completely starkers with his soiled incontinence pad under his arm (kinda like a newspaper really) and having to follow the trail of leakage to find where his clothes were!

Watching one of my 'peers' showing off her skills, then popping a rectal thermometer in her mouth!!

Fainting on my first day...And not a dainty swoon type faint, I stepped out of the patients room (halfway through cleaning a pressure ulcer) my vision disappeared, i staggered across the hallway and headbutted the kitchen door before sprawling across the floor in front of patients/staff/visitors!!  All class i tell ya!!

#  Staring blankly at the patients saying 'Excuse me, Nurse?' before realising that they were talking to me....and that i was in fact a nurse!!

Inserting my first Cannula!!!  It looked like a seen from 'Hostel', but it was in and flushing!! :)

#  Being terrified by the stories from my new work mates about the 'strange' things that happen during the night shifts in our super old building!!  (The elevators often went from the basement level to our ward during the night, always empty...)

But Seriously....

I love that i get to do my dream job, and i love that every day i'm there, i have the opportunity to make a difference to someones day/week/month, and sometimes even life!!  I've been truly blessed with my profession (and my strong stomach!) and i hope i never take the skills i'm still learning for granted!!

I also hope that my sense of humor never dulls when the pooh (literally) hits the fan!!

Thanks Renee and Anna for such an awesome Link up!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Love this post Renee! haha. And great little code brown graphic! I think the linky tool we used is down at the moment so whenever it comes back up you should be able to link up! Thanks so much for linking up with us! I think we are going to make this a monthly link up on the first Tuesday of each month with a different theme each time. So I hope you will continue to share your amazing stories with us! And I love how some of your words are different than ours... like using cannula for IV. haha. That one took me a minute!

  2. Hahahah! This is hilarious! You have a much stronger stomach than I could imagine having! lol

  3. i love your description of when you fainted! it literally made me laugh out loud reading it, i can't even imagine what it would be like to see!

  4. I love the first memory of the patient spewing pureed food on you..ha, we've all been there. :)And I WISH code brown meant chocolate!!
    (Thanks for linking up!)