Saturday, 17 March 2012

The many faces of Me!!

Is it just me, or do we all spend a good deal of time looking for that perfect photo of ourselves to post on our blogs/fb/where ever!?  I dont know how many times i'v had mini one-man-photo-shoots (you know the ones, camera high, look up, slight smile) only to collapse in a sobbing ball of mess at the crap pics that i end up with, and not one of them good enough to put on my blog!!!! (Cue violin music and a fresh flood of tears!)  
I even force Hubby to get in on the deal!  It goes kinda like this....

Me:  Pleeeeease, i NEED some nice photo's of me for my blog!!  There's like, none!!
Hubby:  You don't Like the photos i take of you...
Me:  That's just cause you always get me in a bad mood!
Hubby: ......
Me:  Pleeeeease, just a few!!!
Hubby:  Ok, where you want them?
Me:  I dont
Hubby:  Ok, Smile :)
Me:  Well i cant just smile on cue you know!!
Hubby:  ......(camera clicks away)
Me:  Never mind, i'm not in the mood to smile now (*angryface*)

Today, after a search for the perfect "About Me" pic for my blog, and a repeat of the above conversation with Hubby i thought Stuff It!!!  The angles are all wrong,  half aren't my 'Good' side (Do i Have a good side??), and to be honest, i just couldnt bring myself to be serious!!  I pulled faces, and discovered that i dont even have a very good array of funny faces to pull (sigh, no duckface).  Below are the best of the best, untouched photos from our mini photo shoot!!

* There is some photo shopping but only to crop the pics!!

(Yes i do realise i put the same photo i said, i dont even have a large array of silly faces!)

After having fun with these i thought, Hey, we actually got a couple of alright pics!  Lets have a play with photo shop and see if i can make myself look like Miranda Kerr.....So nope, i couldnt, but i had a good play and prettied myself up a wee bit!!

Isn't it Fantastic!!  Wrinkles and Pimples erased!!  Teeth whitened!!  Skin tone evened out!!  Lips colored prettily!!

I gotta say, i cant decide whether photoshopping these pics was Fun or Soul Destroying!!  I felt a wee bit of both as i smoothed away my wrinkles and 'bleached' my teeth!!  I think the end results looked neat (odd, but neat!) but at the same time i know that it's only a pic' and the reality of me is in fact wrinkles and colorful teeth!!  No wonder models have so many issues!  Look how much they get photoshopped every single day!!!  

So i guess the moral of this story is.... i have no idea!  Maybe not to expect too many photoshopped photos of me?? Cause these 3 pics took freakin ages and i just dont have the patience!!  Or maybe it's that, perfect pic or not, photoshopped or not, we are all beautiful, just 'cause that's how God created us!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. You said it sister, just the way you are is the way you're supposed to be!

  2. So true about the photoshopping... I love to use the liquify feature and take pounds off!!! but then I have to face ME again and again in the mirror... in reflections... etc... lol

    Anyway .. I love your pics.. my faves are.... 1st and last ones in the top line of pics ~ 2nd and 4th in the second line of pics ~ and out of the photoshopped ones... the top one... with the side tilt going on!! :)

    Great post!

  3. What, no duckface?? :P j/k

    I hear ya though! Photoshop is a nifty tool. You said what the good majority of us do but are afraid to admit LOL!

  4. I so love this post.
    You look great in all the pics, photoshopped or not.

  5. Hahahah I so know what you mean!! But hey, I think your photos turned out really cute!

  6. Oh I hear ya! I have the same scenes here, take a ton of pics of myself, then have hubs take a tone more, and I don't like any!

    Now yours? All perfect, you are so beautiful! Love the silly pics too!

  7. You look so pretty! I really like you in red... such a stunner!