Friday, 2 March 2012

It's Ok Thursday...On Friday!

So i'v been seeing these 'it's Ok Thursday' posts on different blogs for a while now and thought stuff it, this month im joining in!!  So here it is... Linking up with Amber and Neely for my first 'It's Ok Thursday' post!!

Its Ok Thursdays

'Its Ok....'

First up, Its Ok that it's Friday!!  Time differences happen!!

That i'v only recently discovered what BFF's actually means! (Certainly not what i thought!!)

That the only make up i know how to apply properly is mascara, and i still poke myself in the eye with the stick/brush bit daily!

To miss my wee monkey-bum when i'v only been away from him for an hour!

That i LOVE Cannulation!!  It's like an exciting challenge each day to find patients with difficult veins and then weedle that line in there!!!

To have a very dry sense of humour!  Even when others dont get it, i still think i'm funny!


That my hairbrush is seriously neglected....My hair just doesn't seem to tangle!!

That i just tried to run my fingers through my hair to prove my point and they got stuck.....

To memorize the words to entire movies, but not be able to recall my home number!  I mean, how often do you actually call your own number anyway!!

 That i have neglected my housewifely duties in favour of blogging this week!! (My house is a TIP!!)

So there ya go!! Hope everyone's gearing up for a Fantastic weekend!!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life Without Regret"

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