Saturday, 3 March 2012

'At Laaaast'

The last couple of days weeks have been so joyful around these parts (*coughsarcasmcough*)  Whilst my offspring is a constant joy, sometimes id really just like to pop him over the neighbors fence for an hour or 5 so i can have a something on ice regroup and collect my thoughts/marbles...I dont know my neighbors but im sure they wouldn't mind!

My babies had the dribbles/chewing things/swollen gums symptoms of teething for the last 5 months, and these last few weeks he's had the added bonus of being clingy/rubbing gums on EVERYTHING/crap sleeps and just being a sad wee monkey in pain!

Nice photo of the day, not sure what's happening with my head!

This is the face of teething!!

And this.....

This one too....

It just goes on and on....

My poor wee monkey!!!  Pamol and Bonjela can only do so much :(

But lo and behold, yesterday we noticed something WONDERFUL!!!  Lachy has not 1, but 2 little teethie buds happening!!!!  He's been completely uncooperative with getting a decent pic' but here they are!!!

Not the best pic, but they'r there i promise!!!

So hopefully he can have a wee break from the painful gums for a little bit after these puppies have fully arrived and before his top ones bust through!!

Right, bed time now!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life Without Regret'


  1. I totally understand about teething. I am currently growing in my wisdom tooth and it's not fun at all.

  2. ugh teething was so bad in our house...i am not looking forward to the 2 yr molars coming in! if it's anything like before there will be no sleep for anyone! Lachy is so darn cute even if he is teething :)

  3. Congratulations, the first two teeth! Now to cut the other 600. Okay, 600 is an exaggeration, but let's face it...that's what it sometimes feels like.

    P.S. My son's first two teeth were the hardest ones so with a little luck maybe you're through the worst.

  4. girl, teething sucks. Mason has 2 on bottom but I think he is getting more, he is so fussy the last few days I want to lock him outside!