Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 Things Im Lovin' right now!!

Im linking up with Maegan at Chesterrific this month for the 5 Things im Lovin' Right Now!!  These weren't hard to pick at all!!

1#  The Big Red Car!!

This is Lachys pride and joy!!  It's been handed down the ranks and still runs like a good car should!!lol!  Lachy can be in the foulest mood ever til i put in him in his car, then he puts his driving face (this is the cutest intense expression ever!) on, grabs the wheel and is ready for anything!!  We've even started taking that with us shopping instead of the push chair because he'l just sit in it for ages and not get grumpy!!

2#  Tupperware sandwich box!!

This thing is AMAZING!  Since passing my tomato sandwich test with flying colors (as in my tomato sandwich wasnt remotely soggy at lunch time)(even without gladwrap!!) we've become BFF's (yes i know what that means now!) and i take one of these babies with me EVERYWHERE!!

3#  My Running Bare dri-fit 1/2's!!

After pretending to be an amazing athlete i decided to try and look the part and purchased these pants!!  This might not make sense to everyone, but with my height these are the perfect '3/4 length tights!!  And they're super comfy and keep me nice and dry! (that kinda sounds like i pee my pants when i run....for the record, i dont!)  

4#  The Hunger Games Series!!

Im halfway through the 3rd book , Mockingjay, and im SUPER excited for the movie in 20 days!!!  It's (i cant believe im saying this) almost rivaling The Twilight Saga!!!

5#  Lachy's Bonjela!!

Honestly would've lost my marbles by now if not for this stuff!!  Lachy actually hates it and will clamp his mouth shut as soon as he see's the tube, but once it's on his gums and he's finished pulling faces he's no longer bothered by his 'wanna-be' teeth!! It's kinda like a 'Big Red Car' for his gums!!

So there ya go!!  These are the items currently making my world go round!!  And just to prove how long it takes me to write each blog post, by the time i got to this point, Lachy's 'wanna-be' teeth have turned into 2 Real teeth!!!  

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life Without Regret'

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  1. I have not read the Hunger Games yet, and I probably shouldn't admit this, but I don't have the desire ...

    Love the red car, we have a similar one, blue, it is a fave in this house!

    Thanks for joining the party! xo