Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Rise' and fall of the running shorts!!

Funny, when i type 'Puck' into google it comes up with lots of ice hockey images and, strangely, a whole lot of pics of some guy from a happy musical programme!!

What im looking for, however, is a solution to a problem that has plagued man-kind since the dawn of time!!...Well, its plagued me since i started running a few months ago anyway!!  My shorts ride!!  Regardless of what i start out wearing, by the time my run/workout is over im the proud manikin to some very short bloomers!!  What the Heck!!??

Iv tried long shorts and short shorts and lite weight shorts and heavy shorts and baggy shorts and tight shorts and NOTHING stays put!!!  "Why God, Whhhyyyy??"

Is it the size of my thighs??  Cause i've seen both larger and smaller thighs wearing the same makeshift bloomers that i myself have been subjected to!  Is it the shape of my thighs??  Or my butt even??  My waist?? The shorts fabric?? Length??  Too hot, too cold?? Honestly, it wouldnt surprise me to discover that it was in fact my eyebrows that make my shorts migrate north with every step!!

Tonight i thought Stuff it!!  I'm gunna find a solution!!  Well, be careful what you type into your search engines folks!!!  Or at least carefully consider how you phrase things, cause typing in "How to fix up-stucks"  didn't produce the wholesome, helpful images i was hoping for!!  When i finally did find the right search words...well!!  You want me to put hairspray where???

Running Skirt anyone??

 So after seeing answers about different fabrics, different lengths, (someone suggested running in undies??) and a few other solutions that didn't appear to have any relevance at all, iv decided to have a go with stitching a stiffer material into the in-seam of my latest bloomers shorts!!  Has anyone else tried this??  I mean, im not the only person whose shorts do a disappearing act the 2nd they move!!....I'm not, right??

So anyway, i really hope this works, cause if it doesn't i shall have to resort to 3/4 length tights! (The only things that stay put!)  I love them, but sometimes the weather just calls for shorts!! ....That, and i refuse to be defeated by a pair of wayward shorts!!   So stay tuned for my success/failure post, and if anyone out there has some solutions please let me know!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"


  1. Let me know when you find the answer! I haven't been able to find the answer to this question yet. I just let it rie up and tug it down every once in a while.

  2. Oh goodness, I've completely given up on shorts and just run in leggings now... but really, I see runners all the time in all kinds of shorts who don't seem to have any problems. We have strange bums, perhaps.

  3. I have this problem constantly so if you figure out a solution please let me know!!