Friday, 24 February 2012

'Its the Final do do dooo"

In exactly 9 days, i will be completing my first half marathon!!!
(cue shocked laughter and general hilarity)

Hows training going i hear you ask?!..... Oh, you know,   it's going!!  Like slowly! The longest distance iv run to date is 11km!lol  I was intending to do a weekly blog post about training so that i felt like i had some accountability thing happening....Hands up who saw those posts!!  Yeah, i didn't either!

Anywho, i have been doing at least 3 runs each week, so while i wont be motoring around the off road course, i shouldn't die after 1km!  In fact, i know i can run 10km of it so that's a bonus!  Even if i have to crawl walk the last 11 i'l still be happy!  The main thing is finishing it and setting a time to annihilate at the next half!!

Me after a 'Run'!!  Feel the fitness just oozing of me!!

Running has been an interesting companion for me!  Somewhere between my knees, hips, feet and boobs cursing me through every single km, i'v developed a love for it!  Hitting my stride and suddenly sync i guess you could say, is the most amazing feeling!! 

Since becoming such a running guru *coughlaughsplutter*  I decided more appropriate attire was necessary, and dragged the hubby off shopping!!  I'm now the proud owner of these pants and this running singlet!! They were kinda pricey, but it's been a chafe free/ride up free experience ever since!!

The Appropriate Attire!

Something that worries me about this half, is that it's off-road!  It's a mountain bike trail that has a lot of pretty hard core hills (Iv heard from a reliable source!) and gravel track!  Now while in my positive moments i see myself as Bella (What do u mean "whose Bella?").  You know, that scene where Alice is seeing her as a vampire, and she's gracefully running through the forest with Edward close behind, hair shifting in the wind, skin glowing not even looking short of breath?? (Not hard i spose, given the fact that she doesn't actually breath!!)

Me on a good day!

This is what i see myself looking like as i race around the 10.55km track twice!!  Probably wont be wearing a dress but that's besides the point!! 

On bad days i see gravel grazes, pine needles in my shoes and me struggling to breathe as i drag my sorry arse up a hill!!  I'm also quite concerned about my ability to stay hydrated and not need the toilet half way around, i don't know how comfy Depends would be for 21km!!

Me on a bad day!

Things still to do in preparation...

#  Compile a play list of amped up music to get me through hopefully, 3 and a bit hours of running!
#  Find an energy gel to boost me halfway through! (i don't seem capable of going 21km without needing sustenance halfway round!)
#  Dry my shoes out (running in thunderstorms is fun!!)
#  Collect my singlet!!  Running for Insynergy!!
#  Find out where the heck the run actually is!!!!

Wish me luck guys!!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"


  1. this is awesome!! so proud of you and can't wait to hear how it goes. I am so not a runner but have decided I want to do 5k's. I have one in 4 weeks and another a week after that. I cant imagine running 13 miles! GO GIRL

  2. I do not like running, ugh. But am totally impressed by you! You're going to rock it, and you're totally going to look as awesome as Bella running :)

  3. Oh my NZ twin you can so do this!! This post is completely hilarious. I am so so proud of you for even attempting to concur this! And you will do so in style! :)

  4. That is so wonderful! Go you!

    I also have to tell you that I read this post this morning when I got home from work and I've had the Final Countdown song in my head all day. I was singing it this morning and my husband was like whaaaa?!

  5. So jealous of the Nike singlet!! I saw that a while back and wanted it.... maybe we could just never wear them in the same place at the same time....
    You're gonna do awesome on Sunday... so proud of ya. You're doing over twice what I'm doing!