Tuesday, 21 February 2012

9 Months old!!

I have a 9 month old....yep...9 months!! He's gone from my little baby to my little cheeky mischief maker!! 9 months old means iv got 3 months to plan his first birthday party!! (I hope Hubbys prepared for that one, cause im totally going overboard!!)

So what's new for my wee man this month??  Well, Let me tell you!!

#   Monkey bum still has the best appetitie, and new foods are hilarious!!  We trialed him with spaghetti, and i was surprized to find he wasn't too interested, except to play!
#  3 bottles a day now, although he rarely finishes them!
Loves drinking out of big people cups, but hasn't figured out how to control the tilt, so still a few issues to work through there!!

#  Well there's no stopping chubby bum now!!  He crawls EVERYWHERE!!  When he see's something he wants his speed is incredible!!
#  Pulling up on everything he shouldn't be is his new fav' game!!
#  Monkey has stood unassisted 3 x in the last couple of days!!  As in he'l be standing hanging on to me, then he lets go for a few seconds before he looks shocked and sits down!!  (Is it wrong that i wanted to push him over?? Just to make him slow down a bit!!)
#  We don't just walk places with mum and dad we run!!...kinda...like an injured duck really!

#  Lachys so vocal!!  And tonight he said "mum mum" for the very first time!!  I'm so stoked!!  "Dadadad is still the fav' sound but that's ok!
#  Musical toys are all the rage, followed closely by blowing raspberries and dribbling on everything!!
#  The 'big red car' is still one of his fav'things!!  He actually crawls to it and then pats it until i put him in it and take him for a spin!!  He's so hard case, hands on the wheel, serious expression on his face!!

Whats getting old this month...

#  STILL NO TEETH!!!  I have a frequently grizzly child that rubs his bumpy gums on everything in site, hits his gums with his hand, drools gallons (slight exageration)  every day, and refuses food when they'r especially bothersome! 
#  Sleep is still a fighting battle, mostly my fault for being inconsistant, but also teeth and the heat!!
#  Discipline is not very successful!  If he bubby does something he shouldnt (like trying to climb the bookshelf)  i say "uh uh, NO".  Bubba gives me the biggest most beautiful smile then keeps going while i sit there chuckling at his Awesomness!!

Extra bits...

#  First ride in the backpack with daddy!!
#  A first visit with Great Grand Nana Ma!!  They hit it off instantly and Nana Ma became the best snooze spot ever!!
#  Bath time is lots of fun with a whole lot of splashing!!
Photo dump time!!!

So basically, my monkey bum just keeps getting more and more Gorgeous and Lovable and Sweet, and his mummy and dada just fall in love with him more each day!! 

How can you resist this face??!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"


  1. they get big so fast, I have already begun mas' birthday lol

  2. Happy 9 Months! So adorable! love seeing all the pictures!

  3. What an adorable, happy little boy!

  4. Such a dude! I laughed when you said you wanted to push him over, I've had moments like that too : ) they grow up way too fast

  5. you certainly have a handsome little man and it seems like he is such a happy baby! I'm glad you found my blog, I'm following back :)