Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why Hello 2012!!

Do i have any New Years Resolutions??  Probably, but i decided i wasn't going to play that game this year because i'm sick of the disappointment of failing two weeks into the year!!  Sure i'm going to have my usual goals, but this year i want a theme to achieve those goals by!!  Then i discovered what a couple of my fav' bloggy stalks Kasey and Cassie are doing!!  A WORD to define what you want for your year!!  Fantastic idea!!  
So since early this afternoon i'v been trying to think of what i want the focus of my year to be!  And this is the word i came up with....



I want my year to be full of adventures!!!  I want Wee Family Adventures, my Running Adventures, my Crafting Adventures!!  Even my Garden adventures!!  They're all adventures that i want to spend the year experiencing!!


I want to go hiking to new places, find new places/events to run, create new things, fix old things!! And i want to share my adventures with Hubby and Bubby!!  I want to teach my Lachy that every little bug, every little leaf can be a part of an adventure....I also want to learn this better myself!!  I want the attitude that my life is an adventure, because it is!!! 

So here's to a Year of Living a Life of ADVENTURE!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a Life without Regret"


  1. What a great idea! I guess my word is healthy...that's my only goal this year - get back into shape!

  2. well good luck! I do not want any more adventures!!

  3. hooray! adventure is a perfect word to aspire to...what a great idea...happy new years, am off to think of a word now x