Friday, 6 January 2012

How to fix a bad day!!

You know those days that just refuse to end?  Well, all in all this day wasn't too hideous, but it really tried me, and as i tripped over a poopy nappy in my rush to clean up the strawberry/muesli spew chunks off the floor, with a sick, squealing baby on my hip, i was really ready for the day to come to a close!!  After an hour of attempts and fails of getting said unwell baby to sleep (with empty stomachs all round), i sat down and just made a funny noise that couldve been a sob/sigh/who-knows-what!!  It's 9.30, i haven't had dinner, there's dishes/washing/toys/spew EVERYWHERE, and really it's too hot to want to even attempt to sleep!! (Quick someone play me a sad violin tune!!)

So to cheer myself up i found the following!!  Cause even at the end of the crappiest day God blessed me with this chubby little miracle that's just so stinkin' scrumptious, that he makes Everything better!!!  (While your looking at these im-a go scrape the pumpkin off the carpet)

Ps:  To those with more than 1 kid i have 1 thing to say.  I salute your craziness!!!


'Im just hanging out...not being a mischief-monkey at all'

'Oh....what's this...'

'Il just borrow this...Nyoink!'

'You see'd nufing!'

'aaaah, my hidden stash of pretties'

'I *heart* Food!'

'If i can feed myself, that is!'

'What's this mum??'

'What's a bath??'

'Wait, whaddya mean 'clean me'??'

'Lemme outta here!!'

This is what happens when you try to hide the telly....*mychildsnotaddictedatall*

'Bula my Bubu!!'

Hope everyone's having fun tonight!!  Roll on Saturday!!

Toodles!!  :)

"Live for a life without Regret"


  1. It is so true, whenever I have had a bad day i always look at mason and just feel so blessed. I have to remember that he is what we wanted and waited so long (17 months for us to conceive). there are going to be good and bad days buts thats life. Love this post

  2. Love the cute pics - and welcome to Kiwi Mummy Blogs!!

  3. greta pictures!!! she makes me smile back!