Saturday, 7 January 2012

Had to Share this!!!

A good friend shared this on my fb page!!  It's from Team Studer, and is called 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons!!  It's amazing!!  This woman understands what wee boys need!!

Also this post 'Invisible Mothers' from Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody was just a tad Hugely moving!!!

Aaaaannnnd i wanted to share these crafty things that i made too!!!

Toy Storage!!

Source  My good friend Loral pinned these crafty wee storage containers!!!

And i just randomly tried to pretty some boxes to store all of Lachys nappy stuffs in!!  They're a bit rough but they'll do until i get more crafty!!

So yup!! This is what i do with my spare time, and this is why my house is a TIP!!!
Never mind, this weekend is the Spring/Summer clean before i start work!! (So nervous/Excited for Monday!!)  I'v got sooo much stuff to tidy and store away, but never fear!!....As my sister just said...'I have a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a donkey!'  Wait, what??!! Lol!! *Lovemyfamily*

Oh i nearly forgot!!  Restless Blog Hop!!....So i may just have a wee teensy bit of time blogging....just a little....

young and restless

Right!  I'm off to start doing....Stuff!!

Toodles!! :)

"Live for a life without Regret"


  1. oo that's awesome! I love fun organization tips and such. I'll have to keep this in mind when we have kiddos! :)

    Thank you so much for you sweet comment on my blog. Totally made my day!

  2. That toy storage is so cute! What a great idea!

  3. see how long it stays organized!!

  4. I've had those storage bins on my to do board on pinterest forever now!

  5. SAME as what Jessi said! I saw them on Pinterest but have no gotten around to making them. Probably because we really have no room for something like that right now, but they look great! I like your crafty boxes as well. :)

  6. love your toy storage idea.great job you!
    have been reading your weighty issue stuff...hmmm, need motivating for the 40 odd kgs I should be losing, grrrr. Will make a plan for squeezing in fitness with working and 4 so has to be a priority this year. x

  7. Love the toy storage! What a great idea :)

  8. we are always looking for more toy storage. this is a great idea!