Thursday, 1 December 2011


As i type this post i'm gazing out at the beautiful sunny day, admiring the light breeze and the sun glinting of the pool water..... Just Kidding!!!  I was actually looking out at the gray sky watching someone elses pamphlets fly across our lawn in the wind thinking 'what the heck!', and then i remembered...Its summer!!!

The sun did make several short appearances...

Yes, i chased the junk mail just to take a photo....It's not ours!

I love summer, the month of December in fact is pretty awesome too!  Our wedding anniversary, my birthday, Christmas!  Its a fantastic month, and towards the end the sun really does come out in full force and we get to experience the beauty of hot days and muggy nights, sweating over the BBQ and standing under the hose for a bit of light relief!! (Please note, this doesn't work when the hose has been sitting in the sun heating itself and the water inside!


So tonight we dine on Chicken and bean Tortillas, jam packed with salad (lettuce from my garden!! Brag brag) and for pudding a Nashi pear!! Om nom nom!!  Summer food!!  (Ok so Tortillas can totally be eaten anytime of year, but i associate them with summer!)  I was also very excited to use my new Onion Rice bran oil!!  Our chicken had a lovely onion scent to it!...Well it did till i put the Burrito mix in! (Yup, Burrito mix in our Tortillas!)  Unfortunately we dont have any ice cream in the house for me to be able to taste test my mintymulu Topsy Tipping! :(

Nom nom!

 So yup, Summer is here and i welcome it with open arms!!  (Please remind me of this in January when i complain about the stinking hot days and nights!lol).  I hope Lachy does too, cause an unhappy summer baby wouldnt be as fun as a happy one!!

Bubby laxing out with me!!

I'm also declaring here that i shall make a much huger effort to post lots more this month, November was a bit of a fail for blog posts in this house!!

Did i mention that it's officially summer!!???  Yay!! (not rubbing it in at all....much!)  (I should point out that i get very jealous of all the snowy pics popping up everywhere from the other side of the world!!)

Gnite everyone!!

Toodles :)


  1. and winter is here where i'm at :( hope you guys have a great summer! i have to wait a few months.

  2. I think I'm moving to where you are! It's winter here and I hate it:/