Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Steppin' Out! Birthday Edition!! (Belated Post)

This weekend we celebrated my birthday....Feelin' Old!!!  Also feeling the love with flowers and choccy's and pressies!! (Thanks guys!!)  Had an Awesome afternoon with friends, stuffing ourselves from the BBQ and howling out songs on Sing star!!

Saturday evening we had Hubbys work Christmas party, which was kinda like someone else paying for us to go out and have a birthday dinner....with HEAPS of other people!!  It was Fantastic!! Good food too!!(although they insisted on putting pepper on Everything!! WHY???) ( And i have NO IDEA how those 2 pieces of caramel-toffee-cheesecakey-thingy got on my plate....Or where they went!!)

So this is what i wore out to the work do!! 

Earrings - Pagani
Dress/Belt - The Warehouse
Tights - Glassons
Shoes - The Warehouse

Did i mention that the dress was a birthday present from my sister and brother-in-law?!  'Thanks guys!!'   So that's what i wore when we stepped out over the weekend!! This will likely be the last one of these for a wee while, no dress up occasions coming up (Except Christmas i s'pose!) so i'l be in jeans and t shirt for 99% of the rest of 2011....Dear God it's nearly another year!! Where did the year go people!!??

Anywho, i'm off to tu-tu with my new Graphics Tablet (Thanks Hubby!!!!!), expect another post tonight cause i am waaaayyyyy behind!!!

Toodles!! :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I love that outfit...so cute!

  2. I love any outfit with flip flops, that is my go to shoe! Except for a couple weeks of the year when it's just too cold and I can't justify it. Like this week ... so I'm totally jealous you're in flips!

    happy birthday!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your outfit right now! I'll spare you a photo, but it's cold here so I'm currently wearing fuzzy socks and leggings and fleece pajama pants over tights with a t-shirt, sweater and winter coat on.
    And here you are, tank top and flip flops.