Thursday, 8 December 2011

Santa Run!!!

So to start with, 2km my arse!!  It was 3.5km all up!!lol (and yes that makes a difference!lol)  I know i can jog 2km, anything after that is just guessing!!

From the start it was interesting!  When something is one size fits all, you gotta know someones gunna luck out!!  That someone was Hubby!!  It was like someone ordered the baby Santa suit for him!!  After a few minor adjustments to the suit (abandoning the pants and removing the arms from the jacket) he was sorted!!  My suit fit, but the second i started to take wide strides the felt started to disintegrate!!  It was hilarious!!

Trying to stretch my skirt a wee bit so i could, oh you know....walk!

The run itself was good, until we followed the wrong people and carried the pushchair up 2 flights of steps......UP THE WRONG PATH!!!  Oh well though! We'll consider it an extra challenge in the run!

Still smiling after carrying the pushchair up the wrong path!

So we managed to run at least half, nearly took out a few people with the push chair (as you do!) and finished in 31mins (or something very close to that, cant remember what my Hubby said....probably wasn't listening!!) which i'm pretty stoked with, considering the time we spent going the wrong way!!  It was hard work, and the Santa jacket only stayed on for about 5mins but we had fun, and it was for an Awesome cause!! (Child Poverty)!!

Here's a mini photo dump, just cause pic's are great!!

Me and my happy little elf!

Please take note of the wee hand pinching my neck, bubbas new hobby :(

Hehe, wearing daddys beard!!


Bubba finally slept right at the end!!

 So stoked we did this!!  Now to start gearing up for the next run!!  Training shall start on Monday.....Tuesday if the weathers bad....definitely by Thursday.....Friday at the Very Latest!! :)

Toodles :)

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  1. congrats! looks like it was actually kinds fun, and i am not one to equate running with fun... that pic with the beard is hysterical : )