Monday, 19 December 2011

My Lachy-clause!!

So today seems to be about what my kids wearing!!  This time i'v avoided sparkly dresses and gone for the more subtle....Bright Red Santa Hat!! (and his nappy too....and a tinsel tree...)

I love dressing my boy up and taking piccys!!  Actually, i love taking pics of him even in his normal everyday clothes!!  Any who....

And this one is my entry for The Paper Mamas Photo Challenge - Red!!

Love my wee Santa baby!!

Toodles!! :)


  1. Ah love love love! So adorable!

  2. He's a very cute Santa baby boy!!!

  3. So so cute! Love your set up, wish my little would sit still long enough for me to do something like this!

  4. I LOVE these, so adorable!!! You will treasure these photos forever!!

  5. So very adorable! Just want to squeeze him!

    Merry Christmas!
    p.s. you've been tagged on my blog!

  6. i love that you are from New Zealand! i have sibling form New Zealand

  7. I just have one word... Adorable!!

    Merry Christmas! =)