Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas Every One!!

So i know it's Christmas day, but im not the hugest Christmas person, and Hubbys at work, and Bubbys sleeping, so what better way to spend my day then stalking my fav' blogs and writing aimlessly about everything i think is interesting!!

1st - Mini Photo Dump!!

Nom nom, Toes!!

OMG!!! Strawberries!!

More Strawberries!!

Nom, nom nom!!

Just hanging out, watching telly!

On Friday night we went to an 'Ugly Sweater' party!  Finding the sweaters proved fun, with the Red Cross op-shop giving us the best and cheapest selection of ugly stuff!  The guy girl (guy dressed as girl?) was quick to point out that the items we had chosen were at the height of fashion in Paris.....Really??  Well, we're not in Paris, and we're not fashionable so the sweaters are still extremely ugly here!! (My sweater/dress did have a Pierre Cardin label, but i think he might have been 10 when he designed it?!) We thanked him her for the info and high tailed it outer there clutching our hideous bundle of woolens!!

The Ugly Sweater Family!!

Lachy was Not impressed!

Thanks Red Cross Womens section for this stunner!!

And thanks Red Cross Baby section!!

 I also took my chunky-monkey for a cruise in his new (hand-me down new) wheels!!  He absolutely loves this car!!  I can almost imagine what he's gunna be like when hes older and can actually drive!!! (Scary thought!!)

LOVE his face!

At least he's pooping concentrating!

Road rage is starting already.....Ooops!

Mastering the wheel!!

Last night (Christmas eve) we went to my sisters house to open a Christmas eve pressy!!  It was bubbas first go opening presents, and i thought he'd be more interested in the paper, but he was a champ!  He loves his presents, and is currently chewing on his book!

We'll be opening more pressies when Hubby gets home from work tonight!!  As well as feasting on Curry and Roti!!  (anyone jealous much??)  So i think now i might go and have a cat nap whilst my baby is still snoozing!!  I hope everyone is having a safe, happy Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate!)!!!

Toodles!! :)

Ps:  Check it out!!!!

The Paper Mama


  1. Aww, absolutely priceless pictures!! Lachlan is adorable, I love his name. I hope you don't mind if I add that to my baby name list. =)

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! Merry Christmas. =)

  2. you have such a cute child! And this 'Ugly Sweater' party sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas!

  3. How adorable are your kids!! We did a Ugly Sweater party too:) I look forward to reading your blog more. I am now following via GFC. I blog at if you would like to follow:) I have a 9 month old son and 3 year old daughter.

  4. Beautiful.. lol .. so cute eating the strawberries!!

  5. Your Christmas looks so fun! I love all of this... and I agree, those sweaters are not fashionable!


    Oh my goodness, those sweaters are TOO FUNNY.