Thursday, 8 December 2011

Meeting the 'Big' red man!!

I'v never been a big Christmas person.  In fact, most years i'm more of a grinch!!  I dont try to steal Christmas of course, but i try to stay as far away from festivities as possible!  Well this year is DIFFERENT!!  This year i have a little boy that looks at bright glittery things with AWE!!  I have a little boy that, in a couple of years, is going to know about the magic fat red man that delivers copious amounts of gifts, and his magical flying reindeer and sleigh!  He's going to hear about other kids leaving out cookies and carrots to feed said troop too!!

So last week i tucked my grinchness aside, and hubby and i took Lachy to meet Santa!!  (Im using the words 'hubby and i took' very loosely, cause really i dragged them both to the mall!)
The had a lovely Christmas scene set up, Pohutukawa (NZ's answer to a Christmas tree) and Takahe (An endangered NZ bird, although i thought they were Pukeko!) and Santa and his chair were front and centre!!

I totally thought Lachy was gunna cry, but he held it together as i settled him onto the 'Big' mans lap! (I'l point out here that Santa was in desperate need of some Big Macs!!)....(I also didn't mention to Santa that my son had soaked through his nappy, i just strategically placed a wee blanky between them!)

And so i stood there like a loon trying to #1 make my child look at the camera, and #2 make him smile!  Neither really worked but we did get one vaguely amused look out of him!!

 Did i mention that i'm now fully in the swing of Christmas and we have a decorated tree with a stocking for bubby! (I'l post about that later!!).  Ive decided that i'm going to get Lachy a picture with Santa every year for as long as he believes, just because :)

I'l be back again tonight! (So behind with posts!!)

Toodles :)


  1. Zeke just ran up and sat on that Santa's lap and gave him a cuddle... his lack of fear of strange men worries me

  2. Oh my!!! This Santa picture is just too cute; can't believe he didn't cry...and hurray for decorating the tree