Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Tree Joy and My Chubba Boy!!

This post is sooo belated!!  In fact, all my posts are belated lately, i'l probably post about Christmas day in March!!  So about a week ago the Christmas tree finally went up! (Thanks Bianca!!).  I cant wait till next year when we can decorate the tree as a family!!  This year though, Lachy was quite content to watch his mummy put the sparkly stuff on the tree and make an angel for the top!

Isn't it Cute!!

Got my crafts ready! Yes my angel is made with a loo roll! :)

All done!! Its a bit wonky... lets call it character!

And the reason Lachy was so content to just watch.....cause my chubba boy LOVES strawberries!!!  And i mean LOOOOVES them!!


Nom nom nom...

'What do you mean i cant have more?!'

"....just a little bit more...?'

'What if i give you my sad eyes....?'

'Oh well then, il eat my cloth instead!'


I'm so pleased he loves fruit now (He used to hate it!)  And he especially loves fruit he can hold and feed himself!! It's great, and it keeps him amused for a good 10mins!!   He also loves steak, and avocado on toast!! (Who doesn't love avocado on toast!)  He's a bit of a champ really!!

Anywho, time to go and freeze some baby food!!  I will try my hardest to catch up on posts over the weekend!!

Toodles!! :)

Ps:  I know the tree looks a bit plain, i'm getting crafty this weekend and attempting to make some festive looking decorations!!  Stay tuned!!

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