Monday, 5 December 2011

Blog Lovin'!!!

Hi, my names Renee and im a blog addict....but it's not my fault!!!  If these ladies had boring lives i would be fine!!!   I decided the other day, that i should share my addiction around and let everyone else see how amazing/ inspirational/crafty these women are!!

So, Introducing some of my favs.....

Megan from It's A Momma Thing

 "Hi there! My name is Megan, and I blog over at It's A Momma Thing. I'm a 22 year-old stay at home momma to one handsome little man we call Kaden, and wife to my best friend, Ryan. My blog consists of our life as a young married couple, the hilarious moments of raising a 3 year old, and the things I find most beautiful in life."

Jessica from Dramaticmama

  " Jessica Dawn. 22 years old. Fiance to Calvin. Mama to Dustin. Addicted to my camera's, tweeting and coke slushie's. Dealing with depression. My blog is personal opinions and experiences, plus a whole lot of pictures and potty mouth. :)"

Kristi from Ellaphant Shoe

 "Hi all. I'm Kristi from Alberta, Canada. I'm a new momma to 4 month old Ella. I recently graduated from University with my Bachelor of Elementary Education specializing in Educational Psychology but I'm not sure I want to teach. Currently I am obsessed with my camera, Liz Lemon and taming my little rockstar's wild hair. My blog, Ellaphant Shoe, is fairly random but so am I. I've recently started a Project 365 so I'll be updating that regularly and I'm planning on adding all the information about the 101 in 1001 List I've been working on for over a year now. Fun Fact #1: If you mouth the name of my blog it looks like you're saying "I love you." Fun Fact #2: I want to name our second child Olive or Oliver so that I can add "Olive Juice" to the title of the blog but my husband hates both those names so I guess that option is out..."

Kasey from Domesticated Hygienist

"My blog is my place to talk about whatever random thought is going through my mind. My favorite topic is my miniature dachshund, Sophie, who is our baby! I post random pictures, participate in 1-2 link ups/week, and do the occasional vlog."

Heather from A Young Wifes Tale

 "I'm currently living in the UK after living in hawaii for 3 years, but really Im a southern girl at heart. I love cooking, crafting, travelling, being a mommy, and all things green and crunchy-- those are the things you can find on my blog. The star of the show; however, is my daughter Milo. She is adorable and her smile is infectious. Pop on over and read about our latest adventure, my favorite new recipe, or check out the crazy things my daughter does."

Kodi from Leaving My Mark

 "Hi, I'm Kodi and I want to tell you about my life over at Leaving my Mark. My blog is exactly what my name says, I'm just leaving my mark somewhere everyday. I love tattoos, Pinterest, doggies, (especially mine), and babies. I'm a recent high school graduate, so you'll get to experience my new life from the beginning! Hope to see you soon:)

See i told you!!  So go check these fantastic ladies out and keep the blog-love going!!!

Toodles :)

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