Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Baby Food Factory!!

Yup, A baby food factory!!  That's been me for...well i was going to say the last couple of days, but technically my bodies been a baby food factory since bubby was born!!  What i meant though, was that i tapped into my inner pioneer woman and spent a couple of days making big boy food for Lachy!

Ive made vege mash, mixed fruit mash, chicken and vege mash, and plain fruit mash, and tomorrow i have plans for some banana custard (Im gunna make it with milk formular...i hope Lachy likes it!)!!  My chicken mash and banana/strawberry mash is still in the ice cube trays freezing, but the rest have been put into bags in the freezer ready for action!!  
(Thanks Carena for letting me pick your brain!!)

Domesticated much??!!! See all my hard work!!

Mixed Vege!  Also had corn in it, but i forgot to put it in the pic!

All in the crock pot ready to go!

Pears and apples!! (ummm, i spose thats pretty obvious from the pic... hehe)

Pudding cubes! (banana/strawberry is Lachys new fav'!!)

Chicken and Vege cubes! (Got 3 trays full!)

Some of my cube bags ready to go!!

Lachy was really helpful and looked after some of my equipment while i did the mashing and boiling...

Did a bit of taste testing for me...

And checked my mail too....

It's been fun pretending to be a domestic type mum for a couple of days, i hope i can whip this other personality out of the closet every few weeks so i can keep the freezer stocked up!!  I love knowing that i'v made bubbas meals, and knowing exactly whats in them, and hopefully soon , garden willing, i'l be able to add some of our backyard produce to my wee production line!! Exciting times ahead!!...Isnt it funny what keeps me enthused these days.....Who knew vegetables could be so entertaining!!

Right, it's off to bed for this domestic goddess!!  I hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend so far!!

Toodles! :)

Ps:  Its Christmas NEXT WEEK.... AAAAAGH!!!

Pps:  Wanna know something funny...i've been trying to defrost all of bubbys food cubes by putting them in containers in boiling water.  It takes ages and is just horribly fiddly, and has really been the bane of my days!  My sister babysat the other day and let me know that she was giving Lachy some extra food and that she'd defrost it in the microwave.  I didn't click.  And then a good friend came to stay and asks why i didn't just defrost his food in his bowl in the microwave.  Yup...we have a microwave....why wasn't i using it?...Who knows!!  It just honestly never occurred to me!! And Hubby never suggested it thinking it was just the way i preferred to do things!!!  Do i need to mention that life is soooo much easier now!!
I hope this makes someone out there feel a bit more intelligent!

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  1. i just started mas on solids so we have trays of sweet potatoes in our freezer. I was taking a cube out in the morning and letting it defrost all day in the fridge, last night i forgot so when it was dinner time i placed in microwave to defrost... yeah it was much easier, took a whole 45 secs.

  2. I made baby food too and I always defrosted in the microwave haha. The defrosting in water trick really does take ages. Good job making your own baby food! It's better for them, tastes better, and it's going to save you tons of money :)