Sunday, 18 December 2011

7 Months Old!!

7 Months already!!  I cant believe how fast everything's going!! And bubbas learning/doing new things so often now, i feel so incredibly blessed to be able to be at home with him to see most of it!!

So what's new this month??

#  Well Lachys an old hand at sitting up now!!
# He loves food and has 3 cubes of mash 4 x a day.  He loves finger foods too, although 90% of it ends up on his shirt!!
# The Tommy Tippee cup has been mastered and is now taken EVERYWHERE with us! (He's currently trying to master the spoon as well)

# Getting up on hands and knees has also been mastered
# Moving forwards has not! He can go round in circles or in reverse!!
# Rolling from front to back has finally been achieved too, but he prefers to sulk on his tummy til someone moves him!

# After a brief period of the squealing phase, then the silent phase Lachy has become more vocal, his favorite sound right now is "Dadadadadadada" (It's his daddys fav' too!)
# Blowing bubbles is something he's working on...Especially at meal times!
# He has figured out how to suck on his bottom lip, and loves to do so...Especially when a spoon comes near!

# We got him his first toothbrush last week!!  I think he prefers the end without the brush, but thats ok!
# He had his first haircut!! :(  (It was getting into his eye and sticking to it)

Please note, i did move his fingers before i cut!! :)

What's getting old this month?

# The waking frequently over night game - He's sleeping for slightly longer stretches but is more often than not waking for 2 feeds over night :(
# Power napping during the day, although with our new feed routine that's improving!
# Still no teeth!!!  He's not as grumpy with it anymore though, so this isn't really an issue!

So basically, life's just getting more fun!!  Lachy loves spending time with his lil' buddies now, instead of crying when he see's another baby.  He also loves hanging with his Aunty and Uncle and cousins, which is fantastic cause they are the babysitters when i go back to work!!  And he misses his Bubu, and Nana and Poppa, and loves it when we get to go see them!  He's just the  most smiley, laid back, cuddly kid ever and we love him to pieces!!

I cant wait to see what the next month brings for us all!! (Probably me child proofing the house!)

Anywho, time to go and feed the chubba-monkey!! (He gets banana/strawberry and cereal!)
Il be back tonight!!

Toodles!! :)


  1. he is too adorable! happy 7 months to him! we didn't baby proof till 10 months...but we should have done it sooner! :)

  2. i love the pictures of him feeding himself. I like reading his monthly updates because he is one month older than mason so i get to see what i have to look forward to =)

  3. He is too cute! The pictures of him eating were hilarious! I'm guessing bath time happened right after that?! Too cute.

  4. Oh goodness he's so adorable! I love the ones of him eating the best. =]