Friday, 18 November 2011

Round the Bridges!!

So i have reasons for being a blog-neglecter, i really do!  Strangely, for the larger part of November, i have had some form of a social life, and just a whole lot to do!! 

Does anyone remember a couple of posts back, my crazy ramblings of a 12km fun run/walk? No? Neither, but apparently i signed up for one and last week.....Dun Dun Duuuuun...I DID IT!!  Yup!! Totally did a 12km walk with a wee bit of jogging!!  And it was fantastic!!  There were a couple of hills thrown in so we didn't get relaxed about the whole thing (does a kerb count as a hill? JK!!) and the start was just a massive squash fest but it was 'O' for Awesome!!

Me and the Hubster!!

We all look so flippen happy to be at the start line!lol!

I did this Event last year, competing in the 6km walk with a good friend and 20 week baby bump, this year i doubled the distance with 2 fantastic ladies and my hubby and a 5 month old!!  And isn't being stuck in a mob of slow moving athletes just the perfect place to discover a bit of pram-rage!?  I was running feet over left right and center (completely unintentionally though!!) as people were cutting in front of me and suddenly slowing or stopping right in front of me!!  I was tempted to run a few people into the river!!

Starting to break away from 'The Mob'

So it totally looks like Sally has the energy to dance as she walks!

So the walk/jog took me 2 hours and 16mins, for which i'm thinking not bad (im actually completely stoked  with that time!) since i ended up carrying my child over the finish line whilst pushing the pram he was s'posed to be playing happily in!! (Such a trooper to last as long as he did though!!) 

Crossing the Finish!!  Lachy loved the jogging part much more than his mum!!

One day Lachy can wear a number too!!

So there ya go, thats a wee snippet of what i'v been doing this month!!  And you know, i may or may not have signed myself up to do a 2-3km Santa run......and i just might possibly have committed myself to enter the Tough Guy/Gal race....and the Huntly Half (as in Marathon, Gulp)....and maybe a couple of other events..... :o

Toodles!! :)


  1. Wahoo!!!
    And just out of curiosity... did I have a stroke moments before that first photo? Gee.. next time just smile Loral... lol

  2. Lol!! you just look really stoked to be there!