Monday, 28 November 2011

The Paper Mama photo challenge - Smiles!

I love this weeks challenge from The Paper Mama! Little kids smiles are just fantastic!!  (Id also love to see if anyone's captured their fur-baby smiling!!)

This week i'v tried to get a wee bit flasher and play with my Photoshop and Lightroom a bit more, while it's all still pretty basic, and i can see a few things that i probably shouldn't be able to see, i'm stoked because i felt a bit more adventurous with the whole process, and it was fun seeing the new things i could have a play with!!

So this is my poor kid is so tolerant of me dressing him up, it's Awesome!!

LOVE my little elfs smile!!

And then i practiced a bit more on a couple of other pic's!  Im improving slowly, but i think i lack hand-mouse co-ordination!!

Man i've got the most Gorgeous little elf!!!  Right, now it really is time for bed!!  Tally-ho everyone!! Sleep well!! :)



  1. what a smiley baby! love the elf costume :)

  2. That costume is adorable and so is the baby in it!