Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Paper Mama photo challenge - Family

I've fallen in love with the timer button on my camera!!  Because of this wee button, we now have several family photos!!  This ones my favorite because we're all smiling (looking at the camera isn't necessary for under 5's!)!

So this is my next entry into the Photo challenge! And probably the next pic to go up on the wall too i think!  Or at least in a frame somewhere for all the world to see! :)

Love my boys!!!  Anywho, it's bed time methinks!!!  

Toodles!! :)


  1. OOOH! This is too cute!!!
    I too love that little timer button. It's really nice and comes in handy.

  2. Adorable photos! I need to figure out the timer on both the cameras we have. Well, one isn't ours - its a loaner from his dad so we can take good xmas pictures - but I still need to figure it out!

    Your family is gorgeous! I love the name Lachlan! I have a little cousin named Lachlan, such an adorable name!