Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mid-point Shred!!!

I'm Back!!!! I feel like iv been away for so long, and i really missed my daily blog reading (I have so many posts to write too)!! I thought the end of October was tough, turned out the start of November was worse, but we got there in the end!!!

Another thing i made it through was the first 15 days of 'The Shred' (said in a deep horror film voice with 'dum, dum, duuuum' after it)!! Yup, i'm half way through level 2 and i am feeling the burn!!  So who remembers my pics from 15 days ago???

Well, the 2nd pic is from 15 days ago anyway!  For the last 2 weeks i'v been pushed and challenged to work harder than i ever have before, and to rethink my eating habits even more by my 'Jilli-Lal' and inspired by my 'Sal-bell'!  I'v had slip ups (as in the chocolate biscuits have slipped up into my mouth), but i still haven't added any sugar to anything, haven't had any 'bad' take-out (Maccas and such, i have had Pita pit and home made pizza), or king size choc bars, and haven't had any milos since September when that first pic was taken and 'Jilli-Lal' started challenging me!!  Proud much??? Yup!!

And so the following pics show the results of 15 days of hard core working out (hard core to me anyway!), and long walks (Build up to the 12km walk i signed up for on Sunday....Gulp) and wiser eating!!

Even I can see the difference now!!! (especially the diffrence in my expression!) My clothes feel bigger, my waist is returning, but the thing i love the most is that i'v stopped thinking of losing weight!!  My focus now is making my body stronger and challenging it as much as i can!!  Don't get me wrong, i still want to lose weight, but i'd rather spend this exercise time realizing how flippen amazing my body is and seeing it do so much more than i thought it could (I'v been running!)!!

So Lal, i know your reading this...You are so freaking Amazing, and Inspirational, and Positive, and Real!!!  You Challenge and Encourage and Support and Guide and you make me feel like i can do absolutely anything!!  Your just a Total Legend and i just Love the person you are!!

So stay tuned, cause for the next 15 days i'm going to be going even harder to finish this Shred in style!!!  Il be posting more pics of the finished product and some details of how its changed my bod!!  

Any who, id better go so i can sort the rest of my posts that shud'v been posted already!!

Toodles!! :)


  1. so happy and proud for you!! i started the 30 day shred and couldn't even finish the first level. I was on it for a week straight and then stopped. I would love to start again, but I'm horrible at getting motivated. But you look great!!

  2. You look awesome! I can see a difference for sure, go girl! Keep is up! The shred is hard stuff, I did it, and still do it, although not everyday like I used to. You've got me inspired to get back into it.

  3. I'm wiping my tears off the keyboard... You are such an inspiration Nae, and I'm so honoured to be able to watch you grow (or shrink rather!) and so proud to see your motivation change to be a better you, not just a thinner you!
    You dont know how much it means to me after years of trying to help people who didnt want to change, to work with you in seeing you challenge yourself and work so hard for your goals. You will inspire so many and I really feel like hanging with you and Sally has been such a big turning point in my life.
    You rock. Can't wait to help you spend your shopping spree! ;)

  4. Wow...these before and after photos are unbelievable. And only 15 days?! I am officially inspired by this shred! I have been trying to get back in shape after a couple months of pure laziness. I have been doing lots of running, but need to get working out. You have made me get up off the couch and get to work just be reading this post. Thanks so much! PS: I stopped by to thank you for following MY Life As A Foreigner, but I am now looking forward to learning more about you and checking out more of your blog! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. You look amazing. Great job, I've tried the shred but never completed it before. You inspire me to keep going.

  6. Congratulationsssss!:)
    You look so good, even though you were beautiful before.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us:)