Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How does my garden grow???

Very Very well thank you!!!  (Except for my spring onions...I have now disowned said spring onions...or what was left of them anyway!!!)

The weeds that i'm growing 'cause the spring onion didn't survive!

 Last night i made a chicken and vege tart with Silverbeet that i grew myself!!  I also ate a Strawberry from my strawberry plant!! It was delicious, thanks for asking! :)  The lettuce is finally blooming after i feared that it too would need to be disowned, and my beans and corns are starting to show their dainty wee selves!!!

The corn!!!  Little corny buds are hiding in the inny leafy bits (yup, made up my own technical terms)

Silverbeet! Yum, yum...that's a lie, but it was good in the Tart i made!!

Look at my lettuce go!!!


My Beans going rampant!!

My baby beans!!!

And what about my broccolli and tomatoes i hear ya ask??  Im waiting patiently....well, i'm waiting anyway!!  Both plants are growing beautifully however the broccoli is showing no signs of sprouting any heads, and the tomato plant has some pretty flowers but no tomatoes yet!!

One of my Broccoli!!

Tomatoes!!....Nearly...One day....hopefully soon!

I think instead of my weed collection i might attempt some spinach!!  Maybe!  So, moving onto Hubby's garden...Bahahaha!!!

The sad, sorry sight that is his garden!

Corn and Strawberries, having trouble viewing the strawberries?  That's cause they're tiny!!!

Baby Cherry tomatoes!!  The sad hilarious part here is that overnight the tomato plant seems to have died!!

I know, i know, i shouldn't make fun of his garden (until recently i couldn't even keep a cactus alive), but we had a wee competition going and it looks like i'm winning!!! (There is no prize for this competition, just pride)  So Yay!! It's strange though, because his broccoli and the pea plant closest to it, is blossoming beautifully, and is growing a lush green grass around it, and everything else (in the same garden) is dying!!
(Hubby's currently trying to convince me that his strawberries are alive, they're just not growing....uhuh)

The Sole Survivor!!

So that's my garden update!!  I'm so excited that i've actually managed to grow stuff!! It's fantastic!!  I shall continue to brag inform everyone of my gardens progress and hopefully i'l be able to post some pic's of the beginnings of some tomatoes and maybe a couple of heads of broccoli!!

Hope everyone's week is going great!!


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  1. i want a garden so bad! can't wait till winter is over here so i can start it! :)