Monday, 14 November 2011

Cupcake Party!!!

I know, such a contradiction to the previous post, but i swear i only decorated some!!  So i have such a talented friend! Not only is she whipping my butt into shape, she's also the most A-MAZ-ING  Cupcake maker/decorator Ever!!!  And now she's branched out into Cupcake Parties!!  So of course i want to host one...would be rude not too...nothing to do with wanting delicious cupcakes at all....!!!

 So with a bit of instruction and a few demonstrations we all tucked into the decorating bits and bobs and proceeded to make our cupcakes beautiful!!  I gotta say, while mine certainly looked nothing like Lals, it was fantastic fun, and for a brief moment in time, i felt like a crafty wee cupcake-maker-person!!

The following are pic's that i made Hubby run around and take, of our wee creations!!

The FUN Begins!!! (I promise i didn't eat a single chocolate biscuit or lolly!!)

Our inspiration!! Love those Frangipanis!!

Lal' showing us how to do icing that looks like a rose!! (Actually, i think it's fondant?)

Right before we jumped in to try our own!!

Since i'v lost the page that i recorded what everyone made... A pink one with a Frangipani!

A brown one with a Bumble bee....(Did i mention Lal' made all the decorations except the wafers!?)

Yellow with hearts.....I actually think these are pretty self explanatory really....


Me trying to be clever with the Rose technique!! It kinda worked!

Lal' and the lovely ladies that joined in the craftiness!!

I love these bumble bees!!

Little baby hands!! (Made for baby shower cupcakes!!)

Getting really crafty and mixing the topping colors!!

Big Bumble bee!!

Such a fantastic night!!! Although Lachy had a wee bit of a melt down so i missed the first part :(  Oh well, just means i'l have to get invited to the next one!!!  New skills and a good ole chinwag with friends, can't ask for more really, so thanks ladies for a fantastic night, and thanks Lal for bringing us together!!

Ps:  Sally and Keri....I'l be seeing you ladies on Wednesday!!! Yay Breaking Dawn!!!! Bahahaha!!

Toodles!! :)

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