Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shredding my weighty issues!!

This was me back in August, before i started to change my wicked food ways!!  The thing i hate most about these pics is not the weight (although i'm not a fan of it)  Its the defeated look on my face and the slump of my shoulders!!  Being unhealthy SUCKS!!!   The constant tiredness, the icky feeling after a big meal of Macca's, that general feeling of Meh!! 

 Today im feeling the burn!!  For the past 2 weeks (approx')  My very own Jillian Michaels (aka Loral) has taken my fitness to a whole other level!  The Biggest Loser workout dvd was introduced first, which resulted in 3 of us in sweaty fits of laughter and chatter, lying prone on the floor pretending that we were doing press ups!

Then she busted out the big guns!! Introducing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!! OMG!! It burns!!  It also works!lol!  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks, several cm's have disappeared from my hips!!  My HIPS people!!  The place i'v always had issues moving weight from!!  What's even better, is that my Jilli-Loral is also watching my intake, making sure im getting all the right stuff going in, in the right amounts for a breastfeeding mama!!  I feel very blessed to have someone constantly pushing me, and through the pain i feel very coddled!! Its fantastic!!

So today im posting BEFORE pics, and in 30 days (unless my muscles freeze over and i cant type) il be posting some AFTER (hopefully fitter looking) pics!!  If im feeling amazing il also post some half way pics!!

And just because i like seeing before and after photos side by side im going to do that too!  Then when i add some more i can line them all up and marvel at how different my body looks!!  So off i go to Shred some more!! Stay tuned as i update on my progress!!

So the first lesson here, is stop wearing stripes!!lol!

The 2nd lesson is that healthy eating and exercise is working!! (And get a haircut!!)

Im looking forward to updating this status soon!!

Toodles!! :)


  1. Love love love it!! I actually cried tears of pride and honour at being a part of your transformation! Can't wait fo your final reveal!

  2. WOW! you are amazing and an inspiration! I really need to work out how I can get fit and body back with two littlies in tow - any tips? :)

  3. did you buy the 30day shred dvd? how much did you have to do at home/outside etc? :)