Saturday, 22 October 2011

Roll on Summer!!

Im one of those freaks that love the hot season!!  I think there's nothing better than sitting in a sunny patch (with sunscreen) feeling the sun soaking into your skin!! I love it when the temperature soars to ridiculous heights and all you can do is find a cold drink and a shady spot! (Please note that my opinion of summer definitely changed for the duration of my pregnancy!)  Today i'm feeling a bit chilled, so i thought id brighten my own day with some of the things i LOVE about summer!!

  •  Heat!! (I hate the cold!! I think i actually have a phobia of being cold!)
  • Watermelon!!!  I love the stuff!! I would happily consume an entire watermelon by myself (possibly 2 if i wanted to suffer the consequences of too much fruit!)
  • The smell of lawns being cut in the sun!!  Who doesn't love that smell, it's fantastic!.....Unless you accidently run over a dog poop.  Then...not so great!
  • Lazing on an inflatable chair in the pool!!  Hubby bought me one so i could float my belly round in the water without sinking!  It has a cup holder, which made me feel extra flash!!
  • BBQ's!!!  Who doesnt love BBQ's (Yes this must be typed in capitals!!)  Having family and friends over, kids running around on your freshly cut, nicely smelling lawn, with the smell of burning sausages and steaks (I could never be a vegetarian!)!!!  What a perfect afternoon/evening!!  
  • Ice cream on a cone!!!!!! Lets be honest, this one is a year round obsession!  I love nothing more than a couple of scoops of ice cream (1 scoop cookie and creme, 1 scoop goody gumdrops) any time of year, but its especially good in summer when you have to eat it in a hurry to stop it making the cone go soggy, and then you get brain-freeze for your troubles!!
  • Days at the beach!!  Enough said!!
  • Afternoons spent water skiing!! I missed out last summer (skiing and belly's don't mix well) so i'm looking forward to heading out this year!!

    And for the next few summers i get to introduce all these things to my wee man!!!  It's such an exciting thought! He's going to experience his first swim, his first ice cream, watermelon, BBQ's, sand....sand stuck in his nappy, and being warm running around nuddy!!!  It's so exciting knowing that we get to experience these firsts with him, seeing his first reactions, seeing the things he'll grow to love and the things he wont!!!  Feeling pretty blessed right now folks!!!  Any way, hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend and watches the Rugby World Cup Final!! Come on ALL BLACKS!!! (And i don't even like rugby!!).

    Ps:  I'm being bloggy adventurous this weekend and linking up with my first blog hop, hosted by Young and Restless, and co hosted by A Young Wife's Tale!! Looking forward to meeting some new bloggy friends!! (And silently hoping i link up properly so i don't end up having a blog hop all by my onsie!!)

    young and restless

    Toodles!! :)


    1. Stopping by from the Y&R blog hop! I think I have a phobia of the cold too!

    2. All those things sound wonderful but I am a fall/winter person especially after this summer when we had 60+ days that were over 110 degrees!!!

    3. love the smell of a fresh cut lawn and also bbq's! it is the greatest thing introducing these things that seem so simple to your child. you get to experience it again through their eyes!