Sunday, 9 October 2011

Playing Dress Ups!!

This Saturday was the wedding day of two of the most amazing people i know!! These two people could be under the definition of the words 'friend' and 'loving' and 'welcoming', and as a result ,the build up and excitement in advance of this wedding, has been like the build up to the royal wedding in our circles!  Thoughts of what to wear have been frantically roaming the minds of women all around Hamilton , and for me it's been super exciting!!

My everyday wear is what i like to call casual-grunge (read: trackies and old shirts) and my only make-up expired years a little while ago, so when an occasion such as this comes along i go totally a teensy bit nuts!
After several failed shopping trips (actually it was probably more than 10 trips)  I finally found the perfect top!  Not only was it comfy, it was also really pretty (with diamante thingys!) AND its got a kind scoop neck that allows easy access for breastfeeding!! What more could i want!! It matched beautifully with my black pants and white sandals with diamantes on them! I also found...ok that's a lie, my husband found, a really pretty pair of earrings that i just loved!!

I managed to find a gorgeous wee dress shirt for Lachy too! He's so handsome in it!!

After a practice with some make-up that my wonderful sister-in-law gave me, i was able to create a look that didn't have me looking like a clown, or a boxer on a losing streak, so i was pretty stoked! My hair was pretty simple, i chopped myself a fringe and then did the messy bun look!  I also dunked my earrings in a cuppa tea to try to make them match my top a bit better!! 

The day was amazing and it was lovely seeing these two beautiful people committing themselves to each other! It was also fantastic seeing everyone dressed up and feeling a wee bit flash myself!!  Before we left i told hubby to remind me to take pics of my outfit so i could prove that i flashed up for the day, but of course we forgot! Darn mummy brain!  We got a couple of snaps of Lachy 'helping' me put makeup on (he just wanted me to jump him in front of the mirror! Such a cutie!) and a couple of family snaps at the wedding, but no nice shots of my pretty top and earrings!  So today (Sunday) i put them back on so Hubby could take pics for me!!  So the following mini-photo-bomb is from the day!!

Me being a Jolly Jumper for Lachy!

'Helping' me with my makeup!

So Scrummy!!

Family Pics! :)

Hubby makes me look sooo short!!

My Lovely Top!!

Attempting to strike a pose!!  But isn't the top fantastic!!

My gorgeous earrings!!

So that was my day of dress ups!! So much fun and such a fabulous occasion!!  I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend and a chance to play dress ups!!



  1. Weddings are so fun! And I love your earrings, they're awesome!

  2. You look gorgeous! And that's a great family photo.. your photographer must be fab!