Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pinterest is holding me hostage!!!

I have discovered PINTEREST! Or should i say Pinterest has sucked me in?!  There's just something in me that wants to gaze at 100's and 100's of things that i want/want to make that has me sitting for, well, hours!!  I just cant stop myself!  Every time i say 'righto, time to shut down the computer' i spot something else that has me following a whole other stream of stuff and creating another board!!  It's ridiculous!!

Originally pinned by Hijiri Shepherd onto For our new loft.

Originally pinned by Robyn Holcomb onto Crafty Ideas.

However, i also now have several AWESOME ideas that i'm going to try for my home, like beer crate shelves, and some little owl cushions for Lachy's room (the above aren't actually cushions, but i want cushions)!  Also there are a lot of  few outfits that i can oogle over until i can convince my hubby that i need them!! (I appear to have a jeans fetish!) But isn't the dress over the jeans just GORGEOUS! (I think so!)

Originally pinned by sfgirlbybay * onto fashionistas

(By the way, i hope i'm referencing these right! If i'm not, it's not intentional and i'm not trying to steal the ideas, feel free to instruct me on the correct way! :)  )

I have 8 boards already, and i'v only been a member for a week (Please note, not all the boards are full....give me another week!lol!) and they cover a range of things from inspirations to clothes to mini garden ideas!  How did i ever live without this in my life??!!  (Just so ya know, i lived just fine without it, but oh how enriched i feel with it now!!)

I'm actually multi-tasking at the mo', with Pinterest open in another tab so i don't get withdrawals from it!! (Sad i know!)  Wait, can you link Pinterest to your blog?.....I'm sure you can.....I gotta go!!

Toodles!! xox


  1. I always have to say to myself "just one more page.."

  2. Or just a few more pages...Lol! You should make a blog!! (Like you don't already have enough to do!)

  3. Oh, I feel you. I get sucked in so easily. You spend a couple hours on there without even realizing it. I love it. I just started following you :)

  4. stumbled upon your blog and now I am a follower!! stop by and say hi to me sometime.

    I just took the plunge into pinterested, I heard so many good things about it but also heard how it is easy to spend hours on there so I was trying to hold out but I couldn't!!