Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh what a Night...Or week!

What a week!!  I have a hubby with his arm in a sling, a bubby that wont sleep, and fortunately, the best family and friends in the world!!  Happily, i think we may have seen an end to the night terrors (Reflux was the likely culprit!), but Lachy has decided that sleep is extremely overrated and is refusing day sleeps (again) and waking every 1-3 hours overnight!!  I've been walking around like the living dead (in appearance and sound) trying to get stuff done while hubby looks on with a slightly pained and lost expression! 

Enter stage left...Mum!!! Yay!! Enter stage right....Sally and Lal!! Yay!!  So i managed to emerge from the weekend with a few marbles left (I never had many to start with!) and not too many grey hairs!! Oh, and a bucket load of photos.....again!

Mum stocked us up on lollies in case of trick-or-treaters and we've been waiting patiently for them to come screaming up to the gate.....still waiting( cue crickets chirping).  So far all we've had are a couple of opportunists that were just asking for lollies!  In spite of the lack of costume i thought i'd humor them and ask what they were dressed as..."uhhh, humans".  Uhuh.  And so the wait goes on!

And so tonight, sigh, tonight, as a last resort my boy is spending his first night in his own room :(   Im trying very hard to be big and brave about far i'm doing ok, but i fear that halfway through the night i may crumble!  The problem is this, he's no longer in pain, he's getting enough food, he's the right temp, he's comfy, but he's still waking frequently through the night and i've started to question if it's because he knows i'm right there!  (I may/may not be guilty of spoiling him!)  So anywho, we're gunna give it a go!! Whats the worst that could happen...? (Visions of me curled up in a ball by the head of the cot!) Did i mention that he went down without a fuss in his new room! (Visions of my boy growing up and not needing his mummy anymore!)  See what a sad sap i've become!!

Anyway, enjoy the pics, i'm off to tell hubby to harden up shower my hubby with tender care!!

First Watermelon of the season!! Yummo!!!

Lachy watching us eat our watermelon!!

Isnt he scrummy!!

Sigh.... My heart melts on a regular basis!

Even when hes dribbling!!

I love his cheeky-bean smile!!

Hanging outside with mumma!!

His stunned-mullet look that he gets when hes super excited!

Now that he can roll he thinks hes the cleverist thing ever....cause i tell him he is!!

His new inch-worm technique for moving!! (and his bald spots!)

"Look at my dribble mum!!"

Such a worrier!

The new bear suit!!...Still a bit of growing to go!

Super Bear!!

Having a fantastic time on the rocking horse with Nanny!

Love his chubba legs!!

It got even more exciting when he realized there was a bit he could munch on!!

Getting ready for bed in his own room!!  I miss him already!

Playing hide and seek!!

I hope everyones weeks going Awesome!!


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  1. Good luck for tonight hun! Will be praying for ya.
    Gorgeous pics too.