Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'Night Terrors' :(

I remember being told when Lachy was born that babies don't dream.  Over the past week i have been tempted to video my child sleeping and send it to that person!  

The first time my wee man laughed out loud, he was sleeping soundly, then just let out the cutest sounding laugh that gave him a fright and woke him up!  It was fantastic to hear!!  He smiles lots in his sleep too, is this s'posed to be a reflex action??  If this is the case please tell what reflex is causing my child to Scream in Terror in his sleep??!!  There is nothing more gut wrenching than hearing your child suddenly scream as though something is tearing him to pieces.  It's not preceded by fussing or crying, it's just a sudden scream.  Sometimes it is just sudden crying, as if he's worked up to a certain point in his sleep and then it suddenly comes out vocally.  I'm sorry if this sounds overly dramatic but after a week or 2 of constant 'night terrors' i'm feeling pretty 'theatrical' about it! It doesn't seem matter if it's day or night, if he's in his bassinet or in my arms (although when he's in my arms i can see his sleepy little face contort before he screams :(  It's not nice).

For the most part he's very easy to settle, but sometimes he just continues to quietly cry for a while afterwards (you know the cry, the heartbreaking little sobbing one), and it just leaves me wondering what on earth has he experienced in his lil life so far that could terrify him that much!?  Is this something he's gunna grow out of?  And is there anyway to stop them?...although i think i already know the answer to that one.

Has anyone else had this??  I'd love to know if this is just a phase, or if it's something i need to do something about!  Bad dreams suck BIG!!

Anywho, that's my two cents worth!  Here's to a better week of sleeps for my boy!!

Toodles (Kinda feels like an inappropriate end to a horrible post, lets just move past that awkwardness, k?!)


  1. Aw poor bubba and poor you!! I can imagine how horrible that would be to see him like that and not be able to help :o(
    Have you had him checked out by a doc or Plunket? It could be a cry of pain rather than terror? Do you have a good Doc or Plunket Nurse who will take you seriously and look into it? Otherwise take him in to hospital - they can't send you away without a proper check out. Be prepared for a wait though :o)
    I am sure babies do dream but as you say this seems strange that he would have known anything terrifying in his short happy life so there could be something physiological causing it...

    Good luck!
    Mel B

  2. Hey hun.. just a thought.. pray through your house. My brother got blood nose as a kid real bad and was going to have his nose cauterized, mum prayed through the house and they stopped.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'v made an appointment to get bubba checked out and am praying through the house while i wait!