Monday, 17 October 2011

Let the gardens begin!!!

So...gardening...where do i begin!!  Uh, I'll start with the fact that I've never kept a single plant alive for longer than a week!(Plants and Goldfish, not my thing)  So what did i do this weekend? I decided i was lil'-Miss-Green-fingers and that i would plant a vegetable garden!!  Iv actually been planning this adventure for a few weeks now, ever since i saw and stole borrowed one of my sisters planter boxes!  I also had my wee planter box from my DIY nite that needed filling, and several half drums that were begging for something to be growing in them!!
So off went my sister and i to amass some plants for me to torture to death try growing!!  Fun day i tell ya!!  We bought strawberry plants, broccoli, beans, lettuce, tomato's, silver-beet and spring onions!!  Then today hubby went to buy me a hula hoop and came back with peas, tiny tomato's, sweetcorn and more broccoli....and no hula hoop!
So this afternoon hubby and i claimed a site for our gardens and went to work!! The following barrage of photos shows off our manky amazing gardening skills and the end results, of which i must say i am MOST PROUD!(Said with the snooty, posh accent of one who is an expert in their field)

My Planter boxes/barrels!  

Hubby's Garden

Our plants

Hubby planting his tiny tomato!

Me with my regular sized tomato!  Yup, very proud of that lil' big tomato plant!!

Grow little broccoli grow!!

Hubbys broccoli!

Lachy in his Jumper watching our manky gardening skills!


My big planter box!

My baby planter box (for my herbs)

Just add water!!

My cabbage patch kid!!

My finished Garden containing sweetcorn, silver-beet, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, beans, more broccoli, tomato's and spring onions.  The herb planter has thyme, mint and parsley!

Hubbys finished garden containing tiny tomato's, broccoli, peas, sweetcorn and strawberries!

Yes, we ended up with a lot of broccoli....i could like broccoli lots if i need too!!  So there ya go! Stay tuned for regular updates as our vegetables die flourish under our tender loving care!! 

Ps: Thanks to my patient and long suffering sister who patiently gave me tips/instructions/orders about what to plant, when and where! Your 'O' for Awesome!!  And to my wonderful hubby who accepted my challenge to have opposing gardens and see which one grows best!! (I've got it in the bag i tell you, IN THE BAG!!)

Toodles! x


  1. We have a garden too! Ours is sort of on "break" because once you eat it all you have to plant more. And things are seasonal. But we've enjoyed so many wonderful fruits and veggies over the years. So happy to see your awesome garden, looks great. Enjoy your bounty!

    Maegan :)

  2. Cute garden! And your cabbage patch kid photo made me laugh out loud! Too funny : )