Tuesday, 18 October 2011

5 Months Old!

My boy turned 5 Months old today!!  He's getting so HUGE (i think so anyway)!! We had our plunket visit yesterday, and he's keeping up in all the percentiles, in the 75th for most things! 
So here are some fun facts (and a few that require work) about my 5 month old boy!!

  • He now has 2 mush feeds a day.  He's polishing off a quarter of a jar of food and then doing his best baby bird impression to try to get more! (but then he pukes, so we don't give in....most days)
  • Fitting '00' clothes and size 2 shoes!
  • Night sleeps are still varying greatly!  He can sleep 9 hours one night, then wake every 3 hours the next!  As a general rule though, he does one long stretch (about 6-7 hours) then one short (about 3-4 hours).
  • Daytime naps still just depend on who is more determined at the time!
  • For the last couple of weeks he's developed a foot fetish, and has mastered grabbing his feet and laughing hysterically!
  • Jumping is another fantastic new past time (Thanks Aunty Binka and Uncky Deane for the Jumper stand!!) I swear the kid could jump for hours if we let him!
  • He's rolled over twice from tummy to back, with hubby and me scrambling  for cameras to video, but the  Cheeky Bean refused to roll again by the time we got sorted and hasn't done since :(
  • Bath time is a bit more adventurous now, with a whole lot of kicking and wriggling going on!!
  • Night terrors are still occurring, we're investigating the pain angle, and silent (or not so silent) reflux is being looked at again!
  • He makes us smile and laugh every day with his gorgeous personality, his beautiful, screeching laugh and his scrummy, serious 'thinking' face!!!
  I wonder what the next month will bring?!  More terrifying exciting times with my beautiful boy no doubt, and another million photos too!  The poor kid probably thinks that the camera is a permanent attachment on his mama! (has anyone else noticed that i have an obsession with exclamation marks?!) 

Anywho, here's a wee barrage of pics of my beautiful boy for everyone to oogle over on his 5 month birthday!!

Ps: Just gave my blog a new do! Hope ya's like it, feedback is totally welcome!!!

Toodles! :)

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  1. Love the pics, especially those last two - so adorable! Your blog looks great too, love the color and the new header : ) Thanks for commenting on our house, the hubs will be so happy to hear it!