Saturday, 24 September 2011


This evening i finally found out what all the fancy names across peoples pics are and how to do them!!  I must confess i'v only done it because i think it looks neat (and makes me feel a bit flash!), but it's a really good way to ensure no one steals your pic's and claims them as their own!

I found this awesome tutorial here on Paper Heart Camera's site (among heaps of others!) and now i have my very own watermark!! It's a basic one for starters, i'l try and get a bit flasher later on when my photography skills improve a bit more i think!

Check out my Watermark!!

So what do ya reckon???  Makes my pic look a bit flasher huh! (If it can get any flasher with that gorgeous wee man in it!!)  I'v also been annoying having an in depth discussion with my hubby about fancy sounding things like aperture and shutter speeds and i think tomorrow i'm gunna go take my new found knowledge and see what i can snap!! Yay!! I'm ridiculously excited about this!!

Anywho, I'l be back tomorrow to show my efforts!!
Toodles  :)

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  1. Thanks, I have a fledgeling blog and can take everything I can get in terms of (seeming) professional! Im planning to do lots of crafts and recipes so this could come in handy :)
    found you VIA restless blog hop
    check me out at if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3