Thursday, 1 September 2011

Time Flies!!

My son is 3 and a half months old!! Its crazy!! He just got so big and started doing stuff and getting even scrummier!!  And then i realised that id hardly taken any fotos of him in the last couple of weeks, and instantly went into a mini frenzy in the 5 mins before his bed time! Poor kid must think his mum has a flash attached to her head, he always looks so concerned!

Wearing Big boy trackies!

I found this one for his daddy, the Star Wars fan!

Considering munching his tasty toy...

Deciding to munch the pillow instead!

Look at me being all strong and tall!!

Tell tale drool patch....He's spied something tasty looking!

I thought since i tend to waffle and go completely off on little tangents when i write posts, that i'l just quickly jot some of the things that my amazing and marvelous lil' guy can do!!

  • He can now dribble with amazing proficiency
  • He can reach out and grab things!! (letting go hasn't been achieved yet and has caused a few tears)
  • He screams squeals laughs out loud, especially when its daddy-play-time
  • He can and does put everything in his mouth to gnaw on, leaving buckets of drool behind! (i cant be the only one out there who finds this gorgeous!)
  • He can hold a conversation with his wipes box for a good 5 mins!!  His chatter has taken on a few more sounds other than Gorilla, and now include Mouse and Excited/Happy Gorilla!!
While he was lying on the floor the other day i saw him actually see his hand, and then with the hugest go cross eyed type concentration, he brought his hand to his mouth and started to chew on it!!! I cant begin to explain how excited i was by this!!

We're thinking about cloth nappies now too, which is gunna be fun given my lack of laundry skills!  But we would like to try to be a wee bit kinder to the environment and so it'l be worth the effort i think! Iv heard lotsa good things about them, and depending on the type of laundry products i use, we should be able to save a lil' bit too.  Bad things iv heard include nasty nappy rash stories and some leakage tales that i could'v done without hearing! Mind you, this week 2 outfits and one blanky have been permanently scarred by explosive side seepage, so there really wont be much difference there!  I'l keep ya updated anyway, and i welcome any feedback/comments/suggestions from other cloth nappy users out there!!

Toodles for now!!!


  1. I might have considered cloth but we do not have a washer/dryer in our apartment so that would not really work out well OR save any money :( It would be nice to put something more natural, less chemical and better for the environment on my babes :( If I had seriously considered it sooner (their 9 mos old now), I might have thought about diaper service but it would just be too expensive for all of it at this point! I wish you the best with your new venture though :) Good luck and your baby boy is A-dorable! :)

  2. thanks! It is very easy to doubt yourself, especially when they are so little and are hurting but can't tell you where!!! Mom-tuition is a powerful thing! :)