Sunday, 25 September 2011

This little piggy....!

After waiting all day for the rain to stop and the sun to come out, i found a wee patch of fine weather in which to torment my wee man with a cute suit (courtesy of his aunty) and a camera shoved in his face!  After learning a teeny bit about aperture and ISO and other things i cant remember choose not to mention, i went out and tried my luck!!  I also learnt a bit more about sharpening a pic when editing, and played a wee bit trying to catch the fading suns rays with minimal success!
So the following pics are the results of our wee outside adventure, and i figured, even when my photography skills have failed, my sons just so damn gorgeous that he makes them look good!!

Ps: Please ignore the unhappy look on his face, he really did enjoy this novel form of torture wee family adventure and i'm sure he'l love these pics even more at his 21st birthday!

Have a great week!
Toodles  :)

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