Saturday, 17 September 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!!

 At any given time, i have favorite things in my life that i just love and can't do without!  I thought i'd share some of them with the world at large!!

#1    Always my two most favorite things in the world!!!! (These two are necessities!)

#2    Teething Munchkin

My boy absolutely adores this lil' toy!! Stuff it with solid, cold apple/pear and let him munch away!! He can get the flavor through the mesh but not any solids, and the texture and coolness of the mesh are just lovely on his gums!! (he also flips it around and gnaws on the rubbery handle for something different!)

Lachy modelling the teething munchkin!!

#3    Daisy

I love this perfume, not just the smell (although that's delicious), and not just the cute bottle, but because every now and then it lets me remember that i don't always wear trackies and singlets and smell like baby spill ups!!

#4    Healtheries Green Tea with Strawberry

I hate green tea.  I think it tastes like rotten grass unpleasant, which is a bummer because i'm so aware of how amazingly good for you it is!!  Then my wonderful hubby bought this stuff home..... Strawberry flavored green tea!  I must confess that i was skeptical about the ability of the strawberry to mask the hideousness diverse taste that is green tea.....but it DOES!! And it's delicious!!!  Because it's a limited edition tea, i sent hubby back to the supermarket to stock up!!

#5    Top Gear!!

I love this show!! Honestly, they're completely pompous, arrogant and sarcastic, but so hilarious!!  They take the piss out of everything, and the fact that political correctness doesn't even cross their minds is kinda refreshing and reminds me not to take life too seriously!!

#6    My Books!

I looooove reading!! I'm a serious nerd at heart and always have been!!  I'v gone from Famous Five to the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High, to Dean Koontz and Bryce Courtenay!  Some of my fav' authors are Patricia Cornwell, Jodi Picoult, Diana Gabaldon, Wilbur Smith, Stephenie Meyer (of course!)...I could go on all night!!  I love being able to lose myself in another world as i read, and i cant wait to teach my son the same!!

So there's a few of my favorite things!  I'm off to try and read now (since pregnancy i'v developed the annoying habit of falling asleep mid sentence!)  Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

Toodles :)

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  1. Ohhhh I love your favourite things list!

    When my kids were teething that teething munchkin thing was also one of my favourite things too! ((lifesaver actually!))

    I also quite enjoy the strawberry flavoured green tea (and share your views on what green tea alone tastes like!! LOL)

    We LOOOVVEE top gear in this family! So funny and they do the craziest things huh?

    And I TOTALLY have the same taste in books too!
    I think I am sooo going to love your blog!! ;)

    PS: I hope I don't appear too "stalkerish" I have commented on a couple of posts tonight, because I'm going through and reading some in bulk. (Im too lazy to be a blog stalker!) lol