Saturday, 10 September 2011

A little bit of everything!

  What a great weekend! And there's still one day left to it!  Thursday evening was spent shopping with family, where we finally purchased our 'sample selection' of ready-made cloth nappies (sample selection meaning we only bought 5 so we can see how they go before we commit to the brand!)  I'm very excited bout finally trying them! I actually followed the manufacturers instructions and soaked them for 24 hours before use too!  We put the first one on bubby when we got home today (i didn't think that the duration of a fun run was the ideal time to try them out!) And lo and behold he filled it not 5 mins after i put it on him!! (This is a pretty big thing cause bubs has been having lotsa tummy troubles lately) I'm pleased to say that it held! It went past the liner and onto the actual nappy, but no further, so i'm stoked!!  So i also got my first lesson in how to scrap the poo out of the nappy!! Exciting times i tell ya!!

   Friday was spent relaxing then a nice walk round the lake with hubby and bubby, then off to the supermarket for some home made pizza ingredients!! Yummo!!  And most shock-horror of all, we settled down with our pizzas and watched the first game of the Rugby World Cup....and really got into it found it vaguely amusing.  Actually, i was more impressed with how skinny some of the All Blacks ankles were!! Oh our pizza's were delicious too!  Mine was bbq/hickory sauce, capsicum, pineapple, bacon, roast chicken and cheese.  Glens was a bit fancier (For his more refined tastebuds) with Cranberry sauce, chicken, bacon, and brie cheese! Nom nom nom!!

Mine on the left!! Yummo!!

Today (as the result of a split second decision last night) we dragged ourselves sprang out of bed and went to participate in our first family fun run/walk!!  What a blast!! 6km along the beautiful Waikato river!! And how did 2 unfit parents with a disobedient pushchair manage on this manic venture you may ask...?  Like troopers!!
Contemplating the scooter in front of me!
After the first km i was red faced, puffing and straining and seriously considering taking out the little girl in front of me so i could steal her scooter!!

What's even more interesting, my 'unfit' husband remained pale, with a slightly faster than average resp' rate and barely broke a sweat!! What gives!!??  I blame the fact that he didn't have to manage a rogue push chair that contained Bubba the Hutt!!

By the end of the 6 km i was near death and looked it, however, our aim to complete it in 1 hour was pretty spot on (1 hour 43 seconds) and we beat the target person that i was trying to beat right at the end with 250 metres to go, after she overtook us right at the start with her fancy pants aerobic stroller!! Hah, take that!!  We also got the bonus of having a wee quick catch up with our midwife which was awsum! (We tried to keep her in sight during the fun run but she annihilated us!!)

And so here i am on the couch broken arsed and refusing to budge regrouping and considering whether or not to double inner Lachys nappy for in case he sleeps through the night! (I'm hopeful!).  I'm also considering whether to start my new b/feeding top tonight or tomorrow....given that my eyes are shutting as i type and i'm still finding the name Bubba the Hutt hilarious, i think tomorrow might be best!!

So enjoy the overload of pics!! I love looking at pics so il assume every one does!  I hope everyone elses weekend has been amazing too, and that things haven't been too crazy with sports or nasty weather!!


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  1. Your baby is so cute! Such a little gentleman! My husband is half Kiwi, so I guess our baby is a a quarter! (I call it a Wee Ki..) Beautiful place NZ..