Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another Weighty Issue!!

For this last month i'v been super motivated to be healthy and fit and guess what..... I HAVE BEEN!!  I'm so impressed with myself and my commitment to the cause this month.  I decided that enough was enough and excuses were no longer acceptable, and most important i found some like minded friends!! (Accountability is a hideous marvelous thing!)

This month i have worked on cutting out chocolate and bread....How's that going i hear you ask!?  Flippen awesome!! I'v had no bread, choosing instead to make myself healthy Pita pockets, and the chocolate? You know, the stuff i'm hideously addicted to....I managed to cut down, (The first day of my food diary does contain an entire packet of chocolate biscuits...ooops!) and then this week i thought, enough is enough!! I'm currently on day 4 with ABSOLUTELY NO CHOCOLATE!!  I know right!!!

I'v been exercising at least 4 x a week, but usually 5, and i feel fantastic!!!  Weight loss...only 2kg so far but i'm pretty darn impressed with that!! What's most important to me is that i'm so proud of myself for actually sticking with it!  And i'm so super thankful for my friends that are dragging me out for my walks (thanks Sally and Loral!)  I'm also amazingly thankful that my wonderful hubby has jumped on the bandwagon and is refusing to buy me chocolate (Silly Brave man).

So that's how that's going!! I apologize for the wordy post with no pics but i haven't taken any recent ones of myself!! 2 Weddings coming up though so brace yourself for some Picture-Mad-Posts!!

I'l leave you with this picture of the new Nude-Stretch-Pants!! These are awesome!lol!!  I almost cried until i realized you could see where the tights end at her ankles!!

Have a great Friday everyone!!
Toodles!  :)

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm famous! I'm in your blog!!

    Not as the woman in tights tho.... just to clear things up...