Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another Breast Feeding issue!!

What a week!! Finally settled into our fab'new home, and Lachys cold didn't turn into anything more than a cold!Yay!! Unfortunately he hasn't pooped for 7 days now! :(   I know bubbys can go for a while not going, but he screams with every attempt and has been refusing his booby juice!! It's been heart breaking!!

 And with that experience i have to, not apologize, but maybe admit my lack of...empathy maybe (Is that the right word)??  I'm not a militant breastfeeding mama.  If you can't, for whatever reason, i believe that that's totally ok!! (Even if you simply choose not too, that's up to each parent!).  I'v had a few friends that have had to give up breastfeeding for their own reasons, and i was (i hope) full of supportive comments for them.

 I'v heard their thoughts of feeling like a failure, but yesterday i was finally able to understand it to a smaller degree!! It's not just the feeling of failing because 'breast is best', it's a feeling of not being able to provide for your child, and of your child rejecting you, and losing that bond that you had through breastfeeding!  And thinking that you've lost that connection with your baby, and wondering what your doing wrong, and thinking why doesn't my baby want me anymore??!!(and probably a lot more that i didn't encounter in my 12 hour drama)  And i only had to experience that for a day! (Fortunately my boy has kinda decided that i'm not so bad after all)

So hats off to those women in my life (you know who you are) and even those that aren't, breast or bottle, you've soldiered on and both you and your bubbys are smiling and happy!!  That's what matters and you've had the strength to get through it with grace!!  (Haha, i'd have made such a good 'woman hear me roar' hippy!).  So yeah, i just wanted to say, you guys rock!!

Id also like to brace ya's all for more photos to come....I HAVE MORE FABRIC!! I'm gunna be attempting my b/feeding pattern again with a slightly heavier fabric and in a smaller size, and hopefully i can refine it a bit!!  Not to mention more photos of my delicious wee man, hopefully smiling and with empty bowels!!
Have an awsum Wednesday!!!

Ps: I'v been walking!! Its great...Lee jeans here i come!!
Pps:  It was hubbys first fathers day, which he had to work so i thought we could pxt him his first fathers day message!! Excuse the old phone photo quality, but i love my old faithful phone and refuse to upgrade cause i wouldn't be able to work a fancy new phone don't want to! :)

At our 7am feed :)

Getting hungry...Nom nom nom!

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