Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Team Edward!!

  I thought it was about time that i confessed my love of the Twilight saga!!! If i were younger i'd be a Tween, but i'm not....what do you even call a 30 yr old mum that has a fetish for Team Edward??  I'v been waiting so patiently for the next film to come out and tickets to go on sale! Imagine my joy to find last week (or the week before?...baby brain) that the tickets were on sale and a seat had already been booked for me!!!! Thanks you hugely Sally!!

  At the moment my thoughts are around whether to get a T shirt (team Edward of course, but only cause theirs no Team Charlie shirts!!) and whether or not to spend an epic day watching through the first 3 movies before the midnight screening of Breaking Dawn!!!  There's a couple of us with buba's so it mite be nice to have a play date before we leave the dads with the bubas!!??

  What is it about these movies (the books are even better) that makes us love them so??? (and others hate them with a vengeance)  Is it because it's one of those eternal love stories?? Is it because of the hotness of Rob Pattinson (with his shirt on)?? Or of Taylor Lautner (with his shirt off and a bit of digital enhancement)? I will point out now, though, that i think that Charlie is by far the best looking.

  I remember the first time i saw Twilight.  A good friend of mine went to see it and was dying to go again so i said i'd go along, having never even seen a preview of it, or knowing anything about it!!  I must confess when  Sarah tried to explain it to me i thought it sounded a bit squiffy.....little did i know, an obsession was about to start, and there was nothing i could do to halt it's progress!!

  The movie had me right from the start!! Although at first i thought Mike Newton was s'posed to be this hot vampire guy and i felt honest disappointment, i remained seated....and then i saw Him... Edward Cullen!!.  Sigh!! I wont mention how many times we went to the movies that season to feed our obsession, all i can say is that by the time New Moon was released we knew that we were team Edward, and that malteasers and boysenberry choc'tops were a must for movie viewing.  We had certain scenes in the movie that we included ourselves in (We were going to use my Galant to get away from James) And we could sing along to all the songs on the movie soundtrack!!) We got so excited with each new thing that we noticed, like Rob Pattinsons song in the background of the diner scene, or Victoria in the first scene at prom!!

  New Moon was going to be a let down...we knew this.  We'd read the books by this point and had already grown a dislike for The Quileute tribe (or maybe just Jacob i think)!!  We made our own t-shirts for the occasion, and i put aside my Bronchitits for the night!!!  Even though it remains our least favorite book/movie it was still a great night and it certainly has a place in the series!

  Eclipse was just amazing!! Another midnight screening, this time in Invercargill..... (I just realized we'v viewed every movie in a different city!! Rotorua, Hamilton and Invercargill!! Haha, neat!) Anyway, the movie was epic and left me even more an Edward fan!! (I cant believe Bella kissed Jacob!!)

  So now  we're waiting patiently for the first installment of Breaking Dawn!! The excitement and curiosity is huge!  Will Bella have the baby in this movie?? Will she be turned in this one??  Oh the suspense!!!  Sigh, it's so sad really when you stop to think about it, so we just don't stop to think about it!lol!

  I'm going to go now and continue to figure out what to do on the Day!!.....Maybe i could sprinkle Lachy with glitter to show my team support.....?


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