Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!

I did it!!! I actually did it!! I made my very own breastfeeding top!!! My first time using a pattern, and my first real go with my sewing machine (we have a love/hate relationship) and i'm so proud of myself!!!  While it's definitely an amateur job, and i'm not sure the stitch/tension thing was correct the whole way through, and i probably made it a size too big, i absolutely love it!!!  I cant wait to make the next one!!!  My hubby kindly photo journaled  the 2-day night event for me, so here is the photographic evidence that i can do it!!!

Weapons of destruction My Tools!!

Discovering what a pattern actually looks like!

Cutting out the pattern! ( It was very exciting i tell ya! )

I got to pin it too! (not as exciting)

Please excuse all the sarcastic, haggard expressions and facials, it was very late!!

Cutting out the fabric!!!! (and removing a few chunks from the table)

Pinning bits together!! Very tricky in some bits!!

Sewing it all together!!

I Fiiinnniiiished!!!

Yay!! Flashing Showing the easy booby juice access!!!

Aaand the back view!!

So, that's what my new top looks like!! I'l have to get back to you all on how durable it is!! I'm gunna go beg my hubby for some more fabric now so i can try another one in a slightly smaller size and a different color!!!
For anyone reading this, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!!!


  1. Wow! Looks amazing!!! You're so clever!

  2. dude that is such a cool top!! you've done so well!!! you should set up a business hehe so stoked for you! you make me wanna go out and buy a sewing machine! haha

  3. wow!
    i'm totally impressed!
    it seriously is way cute.
    i really like the fabric color too.
    good job!


  4. I'm so impressed! I usually give up on sewing projects. It looks awesome!

    Thank you for the comments! I've heard about those specialized diaper bins and I've gotten mixed reviews about them. Like I said, all i know is that once my son switched over to table food, the stink is awwwful! If I end up getting one of those fancy things, I'll let you know how it works out :)