Friday, 26 August 2011

Leaving time again...

In a couple of days time we will be saying farewell, and moving to a new home!!  Packing has been occurring with almost military precision and dedication....Just kidding!! I packed 4 boxes then i got bored and went shopping!!  Honestly, it'l be ok though, we're pretty good at doing the last minute thing....not that we've ever attempted it with a baby....mum will be here, that'l make everything go smoothly (thanx mum!).

It's amazing discovering how much stuff one can accumulate without even realizing it!!  And most of it is junk!  Honestly, i have as much use for 40 magazines as my husband does for all the little boxes hes kept from every little gadget he's ever bought!!  I s'pose i should feel blessed that we haven't turned out like those people on telly that have to move out of their homes 'cause they don't fit in there anymore with all their hoarded possessions!!

So anyway, as my mind frantically goes over everything that needs to be done and my 'to do' cleaning list gets longer, i'm calmly sitting on the couch with my feet up, bubby sleeping on my lap, writing on my blog!!  My priorities are amazinginteresting, a work in progress! Did i mention that i'm doing this with my left hand?? Its about as coordinated as a sloth climbing a lily pad, and is taking twice as long, but i feel so talented!! (And surely this has the added health benefits of making the other side of my brain work?!!)

But i digress...wait, no i don't, i wasn't really talking about anything really!  Just moving and stuff, and it would probably be more help if i actually got up and packed!  Sigh, i wish i could just magic everything to the new place and be done with it!  (I think i'm addicted to using exclamation marks!..See!!)  Ooooh, I just remembered that i got a magazine while i was out earlier today....i might just quickly skim through that and then look at the packing situation...i will!!


  1. I am really glad Luke is not the only one who keeps every box from every gadget!!!