Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lazy Saturday

Today we made it to our first coffee group from our ante-natal class and it was so lovely to see a few of the other babies born around the same time as Lachy!! The coffee group was held at a cafe by the lake and i have to say i was really disappointed with what they were charging for their food! A bread roll was about $9!! I'm sure their absolutely delicious and a decent size, but really?? $9?! The pies were $5.40!! Its such an expense for families that want to enjoy the lake walk and playground and then maybe a wee snack for the kids!

Anyway, enough grumbling! The day was cold and grey, but still lovely and we went for a wee walk a little bit of the way around the lake after our coffee, and then came home to have a lazy family day!! I love days like these... The fires going, there's a roast in the oven, and after having playtime with me, Lachy's havin a snooze on his daddy's chest...It's awsum! And such a good way to recharge the batteries!!

Another bonus to the day was hearing someone say how much Lachy looked like me!! Most comments are usually about how much he looks like his dad (which is fine by me cause i think he's a bit of a looker), so its nice to hear that i'm still visible somewhere in that scrummy face!!

Oh, and did i mention Lachlan managed to have a 7 1/2 hour sleep stretch last night!!! It doesn't matter that i was awake and waiting to feed him, i was so excited and i'm hoping and praying that its the start of something new!! It would be such a nice difference to his usual 3-4 hour stretches (occasionally 2 hourly)!! So fingers crossed that he stays in this new rhythm!!

Anywho! Time to get his night time bath underway! Stay tuned for my next photo challenge pic in the next day or 2!!

Toodles! :)

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  1. Hi Nae, thats one cute little happy bubu. :-) thanks for visitng. That dog was so funny, there were 2 others sleeping randomly, in a water bowl etc, but this one was a winner. See u next week at the challenge ;-) sonishka