Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I remembered something!

So i actually remembered how much i used to love painting! Not fancy paintings, i'm certainly no artist, but color-mixing stick-figure paintings!! It's so much fun, and i always enjoyed creating my lil scenes!! I love mixing the colors and making my own patterns from different shapes, and i totally love stick people! There's just something primitive about them that makes me feel....well, i don't know really! Maybe a bit like i could be a participant in another time for a moment, painting on a cave wall with different colored bits of earth and plant!!

My crafty hubby has managed to change the first stick-people paintings i did into Buttons for my blog, which i'm very excited about! I keep seeing everyone else's crafty buttons and being jealous, but now i have my own! Yay!!

I hope that soon i'l have enough time to make more stick-people paintings, and that in a couple of years i'l be able to
to have my son join me in the fun task of smearing paint over canvas in all different colors, and make stick figures to go on top!! I cant wait for that time!!!

I remember when i was younger, mum giving my sister and me permission to draw all over our bedroom walls (we were going to be painting them after), i don't recall what either of us drew on our walls, but i know that when i paint my pics it reminds me of this and makes me feel like one of those painters that you see making huge brush strokes and looking really happy!!

I guess for now i should start stocking up on canvases and paints, brushes and sponges for when me and Lachy start up this amazingly relaxing hobby! (And probably some plastic for the floor, i was never a tidy painter).

I should also mention that i found photo challenge on this lovely ladies blog that i'm going to be attempting once our camera arrives (Please be tomorrow, thank you Jesus!). So i'l be putting up my "L" plates and adding photos that i'v taken in my new venture into amateur photography!! Try to hang with me...i'm sure they'l improve! :)

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