Sunday, 14 August 2011

The breast feeding issue!!!

 One of the things i love the most about being a mommy is the fact that i am able to sustain my child from my own body!! In spite of my body hang ups, and the bits that don't always work like they should (i'm sure dodgy hips and knees shouldn't be an issue till i'm 90ish??)  My body is keeping 2 humans functioning, and doing the most fantastic job!! My wee lads getting bigger and heavier (same here :( !) and is happy and healthy!!!

  So whats my issue??? Finding something to wear!!!  While maternity clothing is abundant and affordable, actual nursing tops and dresses etc aren't!! Don't get me wrong, their are some beautiful b/feeding tops out there, but without a spare 70 + dollars there's just no way any of these tops are going to be gracing my wardrobe!!  While ye ole faithful b/f singlets have been essential and wonderful, i'm hardly going to head out doors in the middle of winter in them!!  And so my search for affordable b/f tops begins!!

  So far i'v found 2, and i had to fight for them on Trade me, but it was worth it!  They were still well below retail price and in awsum condition!!  But now iv hit a wall!!  Google turns up a whole lot of amazing sites to search, but none that offer affordable nursing wear in my price range!!  It's like there's a huge gap in the market for those of us that are, for whatever reason, unable to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, or even a single new item of clothing!! What to do??  I'm not looking for anything fancy or dressy, just something that doesn't expose my tummy/back/boobs when i'm feeding my lil one!!

  And so my overactive imagination has thought of a possible solution....I'm going to try to make my own!!  I'v seen a lot of basic wrap/crossover tops that are fabulous for nursing bubby, and the design looks fairly basic so i'm thinking this will be a good place to start.  A nice shaped top that hopefully wont be beyond my limited machine skills!  If i use a cheaper fabric to start with then any failures should still work out cheaper than buying a new top (hello Fabric Barn)!

  So my aim is to make this my project for the week and see how i go!! Keep an eye out for piccys of my progress....or lack of!! I'l be posting about any results be they successes or failures!!
  In the mean time if anyone knows of any websites with nursing clothes on the lower end of the price scale i'd be very keen to hear!!

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  1. Last time I tried breastfeeding, I think I ended up wearing the same crappy button up top when I went out in public, and then I wore my stretched-to-hell tank tops that I wore when I was pregnant. It was awful because I felt frumpy no matter what, and I didnt have all the money to buy nursing tops.

    This time around, I dont know what I'm gonna do, but I' m not quite there sewing wise. I cant wait to see what you are gonna make!