Thursday, 14 July 2011

The weighty issue post!

Iv turned into a total blog stalker these days (sorry facebook), and the one thing iv noticed on every new mom blog that iv seen, is that everyone's on a health kick/weight loss journey of some sort! It makes me feel a bit better about my own health kick attempts!!
I hadn't been feeling very successful until a few days ago, when i got off my arse and took my buba for a walk to the supermarket! (An hour all round journey). I wasn't walking very fast, and i probably looked a bit drunk (stupid 3- wheel pram!) but i did it! Even better, the next day i did it again! I think the supermarket workers must have thought i was shoplifting!
Even better than the walking, my eating is improving! (no one can count the Mc Donalds we got after watching "Supersize me" cause we were made to by subliminal messaging....that's my excuse). I even went out for lunch and shopping with another new muma friend and we bought HEALTHY Pita Pockets!!! (And they were delicious!!)
And now for the next amazing fact...the same friend has managed to convince me to join the gym!! (I think i'l plead temporary insanity when we start tomorrow at 7.30am) As an added bonus, it was really cheap with no joining fee and you only have to join for a month at a time, which is great for absent gym bunnies like myself that have issues making it after the initial excitement fades and the workout starts to hurt!! And they have a creche that's only $2 an hour!! Fingers crossed that i can at least make an effort for 4 weeks!! Which brings me to my next thought...
How much weight can a breast feeding muma lose?? I cant/wont cut calories 'cause my growing wee man needs them all to get big and strong, so whats the point of trying really?? I guess i need to learn that i can still keep buba big and strong not by minimizing what i eat, but by changing it for healthier options, like the pita pockets instead of Mc D's, and knowing that a pear or banana and some cereal is going to provide more nutrients for his booby-juice than a king size block of chocolate!! Weight loss might be a by-product of this?? (i'm a nurse, its sad that i cant summon the brain power to work my way through this!!)
The other thing is exercise! I'm not up for anything strenuous, and i haven't jogged since i was in my early 20's but the odd spin class or 2 and the cross trainer should be good! Free weights too if i can handle it! If i cant lose weight i can at least tone up, or try to!! Haha, i just read back and noticed that i put the 'odd spin class or 2' under the nothing too strenuous category! Bahahaha, iv never done a spin class in my life, and in fact its been almost a year since i was on a normal bike (not going fast i assure you!), i think its probably gunna kill my butt, not to mention my thighs! And while i can manage the cross trainer now, my very first attempt saw me flying off the back of one in front of a very fit group of gym bunnies that are really committed to their cause! What made it even better was that all the mirrors around the equipment meant that i got to see myself go arse over tip from numerous unflattering angles!!
I guess if nothing else i'm gunna provide an hour or so of entertainment for everyone else! And on my off days i can still go walking with anyone whose keen, or back to the supermarket for any meaningless little thing that i convince myself i need!!


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